After Netflix released their Cowboy-themed trailer for the new season of Queer Eye, fans have been going wild in anticipation of the new season.

The fab 5 are back on the 31st of December with more makeovers, madness and a whole lot of love for season 6, and the guests this time around are better than ever.

One of the upcoming guests is Angel Flores, a trans barbell athlete from Austin, Texas. After her impactful appearance in the new trailer, fans have been trying to find out everything they can on the weightlifting beauty.

Here’s the scoop…

Who is Angel Flores?

Angel Flores is most known for her impact in the weightlifting world for trans women and men. Her passion for body-building and weightlifting started when she was only 6. Known at school for her dedication to sports, she excelled in football and other activities.

In high school, Flores lost 60lbs and fell in love with the gym and working out. Looking back now Flores says she can see her passion for sport and the gym was also due to her unhappiness with who she was as a person.

Flores says: “I was in the gym day in and day out. 5 am before school, and 4 pm, after the bell.”

Flores continued to college and joined the university Olympic weightlifting team but was never quite happy with her success and said that there was always something missing.

Transitioning to Angel Flores

Flores says she always knew she was a woman from the moment she used to ask her mom if she could sleep in a big sleep shirt, so she could be ‘just like mommy’.

However, she didn’t start her journey until 2020, where she began hormone replacement therapy in July of that year. Flores said she started to feel different almost instantly, especially when it came to her training.

Though transitioning was tough, Flores said she was happy because at least she knew it was working.

As a trans athlete Flores faced many obstacles on her journey, though she could not compete at the USA weightlifting championships, she managed to find the USA Powerlifting competition. This is a powerlifting competition specifically catering for a category of trans people to compete.

Although Flores is finding herself every day she struggles with accepting herself for who she is and hopes that the fab 5 can help turn this around.

What to expect from Queer Eye season 6

With the Fab 5 making a comeback we can be sure that we are in for a treat this season on Queer Eye. Legends, Antonio Porowski, Tan France, Karamamo Brown, Bobby Berk and Jonathan Van Ness are back to slay another day.

The theme and storyline will be the same as always, however, this season we are traveling with the gang to the lone star state, Texas.

Based primarily in Austin, the fab five will be in control of transforming the lives of local Texans with a touch of drama and a whole lot of TLC.

Queer Eye Season 6 premieres on Netflix on December 31st, in the meantime, watch the trailer below.

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