Get to know Q Ball's Rafael Cuevas: Head coach from Netflix sports documentary!

Netflix has released the heart-warming and award-winning film Q Ball.

The sports documentary premiered across theatres in Americal last year, but it has just arrived on the streaming service. Following its release across the pond, Q Ball has received the documentary competition award at the 2019 Seattle International Film Festival.

The Netflix film focuses on the basketball team San Quentin Warriors from San Quentin, California and its players as they navigate their personal struggles in prison and search for redemption.

In Q Ball, we are introduced to head coach Rafael Cuevas. So, let’s get to know Rafael more!

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Rafael Cuevas

Meet Rafael Cuevas

Rafael is the head coach of the San Quentin Warriors in the Netflix documentary.

He is serving a 16-year-sentence after committing a murder.

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In December 2018, Rafael had an initial hearing for a temporary prison release but that was denied at the time.

His next parole hearing is expected to happen in 2023.

Why is Rafael in prison?

Rafael was convicted for the murder of 21-year-old Timothy Griffith in 2004.

The Q Ball star was 22 when he committed the crime that happened after a San Francisco Giants game. It started after Timothy hit Rafael’s window car which escalated into a fatal fight.

Rafael initially fled to his grandfather’s house in Mexico to hide for a period of time. However, he decided to surrender himself to the police and plead guilty.

In 2008, he was found guilty and sent to serve his sentence at the San Quentin prison in California.

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Rafael Cuevas

Rafael’s ambition as a head coach

Rafael played at San Quentin Warriors for 4 years before asked by his inmates to become their coach and train them.

As a head trainer, Rafael has the ambition to bring the basketball players together and scoop them a win against the Golden State Warriors’ coaching staff.





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