Restaurants on the Edge: Malta’s Haber 16 was transformed by Netflix - here’s how to visit!

Since Restaurants on the Edge kicked off on Netflix on Friday, February 28th, the cooking-meets-travel series has gained plenty of fans.

Each episode sees chef Dennis Prescott, interior designer Karin Bohn, and restauranteur Nick Liberato work their magic in restaurants around the world. It will take them from Hong Kong to Austria, Canada to St. Lucia in a pretty dreamy world tour.

First up for a much-needed makeover is Haber 16, an Italian and seafood restaurant in Malta.

So, let’s find out more about the restaurant here, plus more information on how you can visit!

Screenshot: Restaurants on the Edge: Malta – Netflix

Netflix takes on Haber 16

Out of all of the restaurants featured on the series, Haber 16 has one of the most interesting backstories, as it is owned by Maltese professional goalkeeper Justin Haber.

Speaking in the episode about the help he needed, Justin said:

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Between football, my family and the restaurant, you either have good time management or else you’re going to crumble, like I’m doing now. Although I’m always smiling and trying to make jokes, sometimes inside myself, I’m crying.

Justin bought the restaurant over a year before the filming began, but he had started the refurbishment in February 2018.

And a lot needed to change about Haber 16 if it wanted to compete with all the popular restaurants in the fishing town of Marsaxlokk.

Haber 16 transformed

Chef Dennis was quick to note that the menu featured fish and seafood from all across Europe, a menu which should be utilising the glorious seafood available right on Justin’s doorstep in Marsaxlokk!

Canadian interior designer Karin was quick to note that the nautical theme of Haber 16 wasn’t all too inviting or unique. In fact, the plastic chairs and paper tablecloths made the restaurant feel more appropriate for a children’s party than a high-end fish restaurant.

Speaking about the transformations, Justin said: “I see my personality in the restaurant, quite spot on.”


Screenshot: Restaurants on the Edge: Malta – Netflix


Screenshot: Restaurants on the Edge: Malta – Netflix

How to visit Haber 16 in Malta

You can find Haber 16 at 144 Xatt is-Sajjieda, Marsaxlokk, Malta. This is just on the waterfront, so the location has stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Italian and seafood restaurant is still running and if you take a scan over TripAdvisor or Google reviews, you can tell Haber 16 is always busy. One review even stated that Haber 16 had the best fresh fish in all of Marsaxlokk, which, considering it is an ancient fishing village is quite the achievement.

Haber 16 has an Instagram account, but they haven’t posted since January 2019. You can follow them @haber.16.




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