Restaurants on the Edge: Slovenia's Zmauc Bar gets transformed in season 2

Restaurants on the Edge is back on Netflix for its sophomore season, just three months after the successful first series aired.

The cooking-cum-travel series – largely inspired by Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares but without the profanities – follows as a trio of experts travel to eateries around the world which are struggling despite their stunning locations.

Season 1 took viewers from Malta to Hong Kong, and season 2 will see the hosts go even further afield. Some of the seven locations featured in season 2 include Canada, Hawaii and Finland.


The first episode sees Karin Bohn, Dennis Prescott and Nick Liberato head to the capital of Slovenia to help a historic bar find its feet in the twenty-first century. Check out the transformation of Zmauc here!

Screenshot: Restaurants on the Edge S2 E1 – Netflix

Restaurants on the Edge takes on Slovenia

Karin, Dennis and Nick head to Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, to help Zmauc Bar. Zmauc, a centrally located bar, is running out of business with all the competition.

Zmauc has been a family-run business since Ljubljana gained its independence in the 1990s.

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The owners, Matthias and Dina, were keen to gain the Restaurants on the Edge experts help in renovating the restaurant in a way which takes it into the 21st century but still retains its old-world charm.

Screenshot: Zmauc owners in Restaurants on the Edge S2 E1 – Netflix

Zmauc, Slovenia – transformation

As has been the way with past Restaurants on the Edge episodes, the transformations largely lie with Karin’s updates to the interiors.

Karin updated the bar with a slick of black paint giving it a modern feel. Her interior design choices helped to make the bar feel like more like a restaurant, as Matthias and Dina embark on their creation of a supper club.

Chef Dennis Prescott helped to shape the menu, drawing on the abundance of delicious produce Slovenia has to offer as inspiration.


Screenshot: Restaurants on the Edge S2 E1 – Netflix


Screenshot: Restaurants on the Edge S2 E1 – Netflix

Updates on Zmauc in 2020

The bar is still open and in business, and taking a quick glance over the Google Reviews and Trip Advisor ratings, it would seem that business is booming.

With a 5-star atmosphere and 4.5 stars rating across the board for food, service and value, it’s not hard to see why the Restaurants on the Edge transformation has been a success.

Follow the bar for updates on Facebook here.

You can find the bar in the centre of town at Rimska cesta 21, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia.

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