Restaurants on the Edge: Where are they now? Netflix 2020 to Instagram catch-up

If you were looking for a substitution for Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares but without the swearing and an additional touch of wanderlust, then we’ve found the perfect show for you: Restaurants on the Edge.

The new Netflix series sees three experts in their field help restaurants around the world, who are approaching their end. Dennis Prescott is the show’s resident chef, Nick Liberato is the restauranteur with the eye for what works, and Karin Bohn is the interior designer to help give the restaurants a new lease of life.

Together, the three will transform these restaurants into the hottest destinations, not just for the owners’ sake, but the community they inhabit.

But how successful are the transformations on the show? We’ve done some digging into the Restaurants on the Edge to see how they’re doing now!

Screenshot: Restaurants on the Edge: Hong Kong – Netflix

Haber 16 – Malta

Haber 16 is owned by Maltese professional goalkeeper Justin Haber.

The Italian and seafood restaurant is still running and if you take a scan over TripAdvisor or Google reviews, you can tell Haber 16 is always busy. One review even stated that Haber 16 had the best fresh fish in all of Marsaxlokk, which, considering it is an ancient fishing village is quite the achievement.

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Haber 16 does have an Instagram account, but they haven’t posted since January 2019. You can still follow them @haber.16.

Banyan Tree – Hong Kong

Clifford and Charleen’s cafe-cum-gift shop Banyan Tree is still running!

They have kept the “lifestyle restaurant” theme that the Netflix team helped to create on the show. And it looks like they’re doing pretty well with it.

You can find their cafe at the ground floor of 68 Kat Hing Street, Lantau Island, Tai O, Hong Kong.

Check out Banyan Tree on Instagram @taiobanyantree.

Coconut Joe’s – Tobermory

Coconut Joe’s owner Michael was struggling to turn a profit with his business, as the tour season in Tobermory, Canada was just eight short weeks a year. But the Restaurants on the Edge team were here to help transform Michael’s business.

From Coconut Joe’s Instagram, it looks pretty bustling, so the tiki bar was a success!

Check it out @coconutjoestobermory.

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The Lookout – Costa Rica

The Lookout is a seafood and oyster bar in Playas del Coco owned by Sandro and Elisa.

You can find The Lookout at the top floor of the Hotel Chantal. It is located at Vista Marina, Provincia de Guanacaste, Coco, Costa Rica.

Find out more about The Lookout’s success on Facebook. They have on average a 4.9 star rating and plenty of fans who praise the location, the food and atmosphere.

Arlberg Boutique Eatery – Austria

First-time owners Miriam and Dave needed help with the Arlberg Boutique Hotel and Restaurant which is located in Pettneu, a village in the Alps.

The cafe and bar of the hotel were major successes, but they needed some serious help with the eatery.

Catch up with Miriam and Dave and their eatery on Instagram @arlberg_boutique_hotel.

Roots Bar – St. Lucia

Fluffy and Sue needed help getting their restaurant, Roots, on the map both locally and with tourists.

You can find both Roots and Roots 2 at La Bas Beach Marigot Bay, St Lucia.

Check out them on Instagram @rootsbar_st.lucia.




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