Netflix original series Swap Shop takes us back in time with a quirky group of individuals all looking to get their hands on some unique finds. But, to secure these items the cast members must keep their ears open and tune in to a local radio show.

From sneakers to massive clown statues, there is something for everyone in this new thrifty Netflix show. But is Swap Shop actually scripted?

What is Swap Shop?

Swap Shop follows Tennessee radio station WRGS’ buy, sell and trade show which is referred to by locals as the ‘World Famous Swap Shop’.

Each day, the radio station announces items that local people are selling or looking for, then the phone number of the individual with those items is given out and listeners have to find that person and buy, sell or trade with them.

Owner of WRGS Radio Debbie Beal said: “We put out the information, and then the people call each other and buy, trade, sell everything from guns to goats to chickens to cars, stereos, anything.”

Is Swap Shop real or scripted?

Although Swap Shop is technically classified as a reality series, Reality Titbit found that the show is in fact authentic and unscripted. Per The Cinemaholic, none of the situations, emotions or dialogues are written by producers and given to cast members.

However, like any other Netflix series, it is likely that production does have a say in filming and post-production. In Swap Shop each trade made between the buyers and sellers is only between them, yet there seem to be time jumps which we believe to be the editing process.

Overall, we can confidently say that the show is real as the cast members revealed that they were contacted by producers beforehand to confirm if they agreed to share their daily lives with the cameras.

Where is Swap Shop filmed?

Swap Shop has been filmed in Tennessee as WRGS Radio was established in East Tennessee in the 1950s. According to The Cinemaholic, the radio station is based in Rogersville in Hawkins County.

While the other key location for the filming of Swap Shop is Knoxville in Knox County where the cast members can be seen buying and selling their unique finds.



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