Love on the Spectrum is back in 2021 with a brand new season. Season 2 dropped on the streaming service on September 21st and features some new faces as well as some familiar ones!

The cast members of the Netflix series are on a quest to find true love. From Michael’s speed dating to Kassandra’s date in months, all kinds of dates are shown in the series. So, let’s find out more about Ronan’s date with Katie.

ronan and katie love on the spectrum
Screenshot: Ronan and Katie From Love on the Spectrum

Love on the Spectrum: Meet Ronan and Katie

Twenty-one-year-old Ronan is a cast member on Netflix’s Love on the Spectrum.

Speaking of Ronan’s desire to find love, Ronan’s mum said: “He’s caring, he’s kind, he makes us laugh. All of us in the family never dreamed that he would be at the stage he is now. We thought that he would most of the time just want to be on his own because when he was younger, that’s what he was like.”

Ronan expressed during Love on the Spectrum episode 1 that he would like to meet a girl, get married and live in a house of his own one day.

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Ronan and Katie’s first date

Speaking of his first-ever date, Ronan said that he was feeling “good and excited“.

He met Katie and, like a true gent, gave her flowers on her arrival.

Ronan and Katie went for a romantic picnic with a view and the pair weren’t short of things to talk about.

They spoke about their interests over orange juice and Katie said that Ronan was a “lovely guy”.

Ronan described Katie as “Soft, loveable and caring to hang out with.” He added: “There was a little bit of romance there, yeah.

Misfit: The series | Official Trailer | Netflix

Misfit: The series | Official Trailer | Netflix

Are Ronan and Katie on Instagram?

While some of the Love on the Spectrum cast are on Instagram, it doesn’t appear that Ronan or Katie are on the social media site.

Cast members such as Kassandra do have IG @glutenfreejellyfish_cosplay. Michael can also be found @mr_a_plus_michael. And Teo is under the handle @teotish.

Although Instagram is usually the perfect place to catch up on the latest with reality TV couples, it looks as though viewers will have to watch the rest of the series to find out.

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