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Netflix: Who is Rose Hardy? Tattoo Redo star's career, family and Instagram!

Rose Hardy is one of several tattoo artists, who are showcasing their transformational skills on new Netflix show Tattoo Redo.

Bad tattoos go from exactly that, to completely new works of art in this series, where a group of artists are given designs by their loved ones.

Think Tattoo Fixers or Just Tattoo of Us, it’s likely going to knock you off your seats when they reveal the cover-ups on the series.

Rose is amongst the group of six tattoo artists on Tattoo Redo, as they get to work on disaster ink pieces. We explored her tats, Instagram and life.

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Tattoo Redo | Official Trailer | Netflix

Tattoo Redo | Official Trailer | Netflix

Who is Rose Hardy?

Based in New York, she began her career by tattooing out of Auckland, New Zealand and eventually moved to New York.

She is currently working at Mikiri Gallery. Having featured on Ink Master and Tattoo Artist of the YearTattoo Redo is Rose’s third show.

Her official website states: “Other than Tattooing, she is the head designer and owner of Tenderthorn Studios which was founded in 2019.”

Meanwhile, she enjoys over 90,000 followers on Instagram and her account is full of brilliant colorful tattoos designed by the artist herself.

Check out some of her posts here.

Rose Hardy: Tattoo career and family

Straight out of the New Zealand tattoo scene, she has travelled the world for her job, from Melbourne, to London, and then to Stockholm, and back.

Before she began tattooing, her dream was to go to art school. However, tattooist Adam Craft helped her get her foot in the door when she was 19.

Rose then apprenticed under different artists, including Aaron Stradwick.

Now a well-known artist, she has a few other ventures, including Illicit in New Zealand, a clothing label and tattoo studio who have used her designs.

The Netflix star also designs for a US company called Tattooed Steel, who laser-etches her work onto jewellery.

When it comes to cameras, Rose is no stranger to them, as she judged E4’s Tattoo Artist of the Year back in 2017!

Family-wise, she appears to be close to her mom and sister. And no, the rumors aren’t true – she is not related to tattoo legend Ed hardy.

How to make appointment with Rose Hardy

If you like the look of Rose’s work on Tattoo Redo, you could get some ink from the star by making an appointment.

All you have to do is head to the contact section of her website, and fill out the tattoo request form to join the waiting list.

However, if you are really keen to get a tattoo ASAP, then you can pay a fee to skip the waiting list and be added to a priority queue.

This will cost you an hourly rate of $400 an hour to skip the wait list.

And if you’re overseas, Rose usually tattoos once a year in the following countries: United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand!

International appointments which are under no time frame can also be made by filling in this form.



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