Will there be Rust Valley Restorers season 4? Netflix renewal status

If you’re a fan of classic cars, Canadian landscapes and some memorable characters, then Rust Valley Restorers is the show for you.

Rust Valley Restorers is a Canadian documentary series which launched to the History channel back in 2018. Since the series released to Netflix, it has gained plenty of new fans.

The third season was released to Netflix on Friday, August 21st and already, fans have binge-watched the entire six episodes. But it has left the Rust Bros fans wanting more. So, will there be Rust Valley Restorers season 4?

Screenshot: Rust Valley Restorers S1 E1 – Netflix

Netflix fans want more Rust Valley Restorers

It’s no surprise that Netflix viewers want more Rust Valley Restorers. There are just six episodes in the latest third season, in comparison to the eight episodes in season 1.

Upon finishing season 3, many Rust Valley Restorers fans took to the internet to demand another be made.

One fan tweeted: “Give me another season of #rustvalleyrestorers Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee”


Another wrote: “So when are we going to see season 4 or Rust Valley Restorers. You know it’s only logical.”

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Rust Valley Restorers season 4

No official statement has been made yet about the renewal of Rust Valley Restorers for season 4. However, given the response from the fans, it is likely that Mayhem Entertainment would bring back the show.

The third season of Rust Valley Restorers was originally aired on History back in January and February 2020. This means season 3 was likely to have been filmed in 2019.

If we are expecting Rust Valley Restorers season 4, it will probably be filmed later this year, when the lockdown eases in Canada. This means that we probably won’t expect Rust Valley Restorers season 4 to air until 2021. 

We will keep this page updated with the latest information on Rust Valley Restorers season 4 as it is released. 




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