Do RVCA sponsor Zac Efron's Down to Earth? Netflix viewers spot clothing brand

Down to Earth is Netflix’s show of the moment, following Zac Efron and his wellness guru Darin Olien on a trip around the world. 

The series launched on Friday, July 10th and given its casting of Hollywood heartthrob Zac as the lead, it’s no surprise its a hit.

Down to Earth follows Zac and Darin on a trip unlike any other; they are on a journey to discover some of the healthiest and sustainable ways of living, a show which is undoubtedly important in the current climate. But one thing viewers have picked up on whilst watching the series is the amount of sponsorships, which has led to a sense of mistrust between some viewers and the show’s message.

So, what is the clothing brand RVCA? Are they a sponsor of Zac Efron’s new show Down to Earth?

Screenshot: Down to Earth S1 E2 – Netflix

RVCA clothing on Down to Earth

Throughout Down to Earth, Zac Efron can be seen sporting items of clothing featuring the letters ‘RVCA’ on them. This is a clothing brand, who Zac is often seen wearing off-camera too.

The brand was founded in 1999 by surfers Pat Tenore and Conan Hayes. Check out some of their designs on the website.

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California brand RVCA is pronounced ‘REW-KA’. The name was developed primarily out of the “V” and “A.” These letters symbolise The Balance of Opposites and how they coexist; for example, man x woman, nature x industrialisation, and so on. The “A” is missing its line in the logo’s styling.

RVCA’s intention as a brand is to create something lasting and of substance. They also have a sustainable drive, with many of their clothing items being made out of recycled plastic bottles.

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Do RVCA sponsor Zac Efron and Down to Earth?

At the end of the credits, it announces “This programme contains product placement.” This means it is most likely that Down to Earth was sponsored by RVCA.

Zac Efron is seen sporting the brand in multiple scenes, so RVCA is clearly one of the ‘products’ they are in reference to.

This did not go missed, and many viewers were critical of the promotion of the brand – despite the fact they are a brand which promotes sustainable items. One critic took to Twitter to say: “Just finished #DownToEarthWithZacEfron. Loved the places they visited and overall message. But, was left wanting more. How to get involved, how to help Zac and Darin make a difference? It was a bit too much of a Hilton, RVCA, and Visa commercial.”

RVCA have not confirmed or denied whether they are a sponsor of Down to Earth.

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The Hilton hotel chain also features heavily throughout the show, as Darin and Zac stay in the Hilton in multiple locations. For example, they stay in a Hilton in the second episode, set in France. There are often shots of Zac and Darin paying for things on Visa cards; so that is confirmed product placement. The use of RVCA is more subtle, although unmissable, as Zac wears their branded t-shirts throughout filming.

It is not unusual for Netflix series to feature heavy product placement. Other shows such as Queer Eye and Say I Do also feature brands who sponsor their shows.




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