If you’re looking for a series to keep you entertained over the coming lockdown, then Netflix has just the show for you: 100 Humans.

All eight episodes of experimental reality series dropped to the streaming site on Friday, March 13th tackling issues from what makes us attractive, to how much pain humans can really withstand.

One of the participants was Ryan Zamo, who has already made somewhat of a name for himself in the TV industry.

So, who is Ryan? We’ve done some digging to find out more about Human #82 on 100 Humans.

Screenshot: 100 Humans S1 E1 – Netflix

Who is Ryan Zamo?

Ryan is a 30-year-old actor, singer, producer and owner of Z Skin Cosmetics.

Back in April 27th, 1989, Ryan Zamo was born Ryan Szamosszegi in Wayne, New Jersey.

In 2007, Ryan moved out to California – he still lives in Pasadena – to pursue his dreams of a successful magic career. His Hollywood dreams quickly changed into wanting to land a TV show, rather than a residency at Magic Castle.

In 2016, Ryan created his own TV series, Back Stabber, which was loosely based on his own experiences growing up in Wayne. The series launched on Amazon and earned Ryan Zamo a Daytime Emmy Award in 2017 for Outstanding Series Message.

With a career firmly in TV, you won’t be surprised to hear that Ryan’s appearance on 100 Humans was not the first time he has starred in a reality TV project. In 2018, Ryan appeared on American Idol. He did not make it past the audition stage.

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Ryan Zamo on American Idol 2018 (Adam Rose/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images)

Ryan talks 100 Humans

Out of all of the one hundred participants, Ryan has been the most vocal about his appearance on the Netflix series.

When asked how he would describe 100 Humans, Ryan said:

If you’ve watched the show ‘Brain Games’ on Discovery Channel, its something like that, except way better.

He also admitted: “I went into it just saying I was a business owner, I wanted people to connect with me on a personal level and not see me as an actor.”

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Follow Ryan on Instagram

Given Ryan’s success in both TV and the cosmetics industry, it’s not surprising that he already has a following on social media.

Taking his Instagram and Twitter in combination, Ryan has well over 30,000 followers.

You can find Ryan on Instagram under the username @theryanzamo.




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