Ever since Terrace House: Tokyo Part 3 launched internationally on Tuesday, April 7th, it has been non-stop talked about.

Not only are there new housemates causing trouble, but one of the regular hosts mysteriously departed from the Japanese Netflix series under less-than-legal circumstances. Understandably, Twitter has been ablaze with commentary!

But one thing Twitter picked up on and has hilariously provided commentary for is Ryo Tawatari’s hickey.

So, who gave Ryo the hickey on Terrace House? Was it new cast mate Vivi Razdumina?

Screenshot: Terrace House Tokyo 2019-20 P3 E30 – Netflix

Ryo returns with a hickey

In episode 30 (part 3, episode 6), Ryo returned from a basketball game with only stories of the team’s losses. What he did not explain was how he got multiple hickeys, which were visible to the other housemates and viewers.

The special guest commentator in the following episode (episode 31) was actor Eiichiro Funakoshi. He claimed that he saw Ryo with a hickey in a previous episode and suggested that it’s possible Ryo is dating someone on the side. This would explain why Ryo was being so evasive with Vivi and Hana at the time of filming.

So, the general consensus is that Ryo got the hickey from a third person and another potential love interest while he was away for the basketball game.

Fans were definitely not happy about it. One viewer tweeted: “You come home with 3 hickeys, you clearly don’t want anything with any girl in the house… you just living there, promoting yourself…”

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Ryo and Vivi on Terrace House

Ryo Tawatari, 26, has been one of the stars of Terrace House: Tokyo since part 2, where he joined in episode 18 of the series.

When Ryo joined, he caught the attention of housemates Emika and Hana. The third instalment of the 2019/20 series will see Ryo also develop a romance with Russian model Vivi Razdumina.

Vivi entered in part 3 and immediately caught Ryo’s attention. The love triangle then developed into a square which led to tensions between Vivi and Hana.

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Does Ryo have a girlfriend now?

Unconfirmed, but we think unlikely.

It would appear that Ryo and Vivi have not ended up as a couple, nor have Ryo and Hana. So we’re sorry to disappoint all Terrace House fans who were hoping it would all work out!

It is not clear from glancing over Ryo’s Instagram whether or not he is in a relationship, as the vast majority of his pictures are basketball-related. But checking out Vivi’s and Emika’s, both girls look happily single.

But they all still follow each other on Instagram, so we’re sure there won’t be more drama for the next part of Terrace House: Tokyo!



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