Terrace House: Tokyo has finally dropped the third instalment of the series to Netflix worldwide, providing fans with a much-needed escape from the dull everyday of quarantine living.

The Japanese reality series has become a surprise smash hit with viewers around the world. Dubbed as the antidote to trash reality TV, the Terrace House franchise focusses on the real relationships of the six housemates, and the subtle changes that come with love, friendship, disdain.

One of the stars returning for Part 3 is basketball player Ryo Tawatari. With what looks like a big series for Ryo, career-wise and romantically, we thought it best to get to know Ryo better.

Find out about the Terrace House: Tokyo star here!

Screenshot: Terrace House Tokyo 2019-20 P3 E27 – Netflix

Who is Ryo from Terrace House?

Ryo Tawatari is one of the stars of Terrace House: Tokyo 2019/2020. He is 26 years old and was born on June 29th, 1993.

Ryo entered Terrace House back in Part 2, joining in episode 18 of the series (part 2, episode 6). Immediately, he caught the attention of his Terrace House housemates, thanks to his good looks and charm.


For Ryo’s senior school, he attended Keihoku High School in Tokyo. For five years, Ryo went to college in America. Ryo attended the Dominican University of California and played for the Dominican Penguins.

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Ryo Tawatari’s basketball career

Ryo is a professional basketball player. He entered the NBA Draft in 2017.

Currently, Ryo plays point guard for the Yokohama B-Corsairs. This is one of the most specialised positions in basketball, as the point guard runs the team’s offence. Some compare their point guard to American football’s quarterback.

Much of Ryo’s basketball career has been documented during the filming of Terrace House. In the opening episodes of Part 3, Ryo’s recent injury, and following recovery, was shown to viewers.

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Follow Ryo on Instagram

Given Ryo Tawatari’s status as a pro basketball player, he already had a tonne of fans before entering Terrace House: Tokyo.

He has over 96,000 followers on Instagram, despite the fact he rarely posts!

You can follow Ryo under the Instagram handle @tawatariryo.