As The Circle season 5 nears its final episode fans have grown fond of certain players including Raven, Jennifer, and Sam. Let’s find out more about Sam from The Circle season 5 including her Instagram and birthday.

The Netflix show brings its first ‘singles’ edition of the show to screens in 2022. Sam has attracted some admirers during the show including catfish Bruno.

She’s one of the players heading into The Circle’s final episode 13. Sam got to help decide the fate of one of the show’s players in episode 10 alongside Raven.

Sam Carmona on The Circle.
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Meet Samantha Carmona

Sam is a freelance makeup artist who hails from Brooklyn, New York.

She’s 35 years old and describes herself as “the spiciest thing ever.”

Sam grew up in Bed-Stuy which is the reason she says she has a “rough exterior”, but she adds that “inside” she’s “soft like jello.”

The Circle player said that she was often picked on as a child, but she’s going into The Circle as herself to “represent the natural women out there.”

When is Sam’s birthday?

When Sam joined The Circle season 5, she said that she is 34 years old.

However, she wrote that she turned 35 years old in 2022.

Her birthday, as per her Instagram page, is celebrated on April 3. She wrote in the photo caption: “35 and thankful to be alive.”

This birthdate makes Sam an Aries on the zodiac.

Sam from The Circle season 5 is on Instagram

The Circle’s Sam has no trouble making friends on the Netflix show and it seems that she’s equally as popular on Instagram.

Sam can be found on Instagram at @bkshedevil with over 71k followers.

She nods to her Puerto Rican roots as she writes in her IG bio ‘Brookyn Rican’.

Via her Instagram page, Sam shares links to her Amazon Wish List, TikTok page, a shop where she sells clothing, and her YouTube channel.

The Circle star shows off her sneaker collection on social media and appears to be close with her mom, judging by her TikTok page.



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