Meet Sam Jay's wife: Netflix comedian is married to an interior designer!
Photo by Andrew Toth/Getty Images for Comedy Central

Meet Sam Jay's wife: Netflix comedian is married to an interior designer!

Saturday Night Live writer Sam Jay now has her own Netflix special, as Sam Jay: 3 In the Morning launches on Tuesday, August 4th. 

You may not have heard the name Sam Jay, but if you’re a fan of the hit comedy series SNL, then it’s likely you’ve come across her work. Sam Jay has been working on the series since 2018, but has never stepped in front of the camera. She has, however, performed stand-up on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Comedy Central Stand-Up Presents and The Comedy Line-Up, as well as appeared in small roles on the likes of Broad City.

Sam Jay: 3 In the Morning is her first-ever comedy special.

It is inevitable that viewers might have questions about the breakout comedy star, so we’ve done some digging. Find out about Sam Jay, her age, career and more about her relationship here.

Meet comedy star Sam Jay

Sam Jay is a comedian and writer from Boston, Massachusetts. She is best known for her work on SNL, but has also had plenty of successful solo endeavours and guest appearances.

This helped to earn Sam a spot on Variety’s 10 Comics To Watch for 2018.

Sam made her Netflix debut on The Comedy Lineup, released her hip-hop comedy album Donna’s Daughter with Comedy Central Records, and has written for Donald Glover Presents. She also is the host of Ricking Morty, a weekly podcast from Adult Swim.

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Who is Sam Jay’s wife?

  • Yanise Monét

Sam Jay’s wife is a woman named Yanise Monét. Yanise is an interior designer based in New York. She runs Vanity Interiors, a design company based in NYC, Atlanta, and Los Angels. They create furniture, textiles, and decor.

Yanise was born on June 8th, although it is unconfirmed what year.

You can follow Yanise on Instagram @vanity.vixen. Already she has over 4,000 followers and counting.

Sam Jay and Yanise Monét

It is unknown exactly when or how Sam and Yanise met, however Sam has gone into some details about her wife on Twitter.

In one tweet from 2015, Sam jokes: “I almost didn’t marry my wife cause she had Dreds so I assumed she would torture me with Lauryn hill facts.” This must mean Sam and Yanise have been married since at least August 2015.

Despite the fact we don’t know much about the origins of their relationship, the couple are very vocal about their love for one another on Instagram. In one Instagram post, Yanise wrote:

We have our ups and downs like everyone else, but this woman goes above and beyond for me! I type this while looking up to the heavens on a private non light polluted beach front villa! We dreamed & manifested this life were living over 10 years ago on a purple couch in my living room! & she continuously works hard every day to make our dreams a manifestation. So thankful!

This must mean they knew each other before 2009, so clearly Yanise and Sam have been together for many years.




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