Sammie from The Circle has a baby daddy who she got pregnant with in January 2022. Following the popularity of The Circle season 5, many are rewatching season 1 and have since found out that Sammie is a mother.

She came in third place on The Circle but still took home a whopping $10,000 after winning the fan-favorite award. Following Sammie Cimarelli’s launch to fame on Netflix, it was evident she was in a relationship with Kenny Gamble.

However, they both stopped posting photos together after a while, and then got into a new relationship. Sammie later announced she was expecting her first child with another man, who is also known as an American actor.

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Sammie from The Circle’s baby daddy

Sammie from The Circle’s baby daddy is American actor Spence Moore II. They announced on a now-deleted joint Instagram post in January 2022 that they were expecting their first child together.

She revealed that their little one is due in 2022. Spence also shared a video of the parents-to-be dancing, kissing and wrapping their arms around Sammie’s belly and wrote, “Everything I wanted.”

Many have only recently taken to Sammie’s Instagram to discover that Sammie is a mother, and are now asking who her baby daddy is. Spence has starred on Five Points in 2018, A.P Bio from 2018 to 2021, and All American.

Sammie and Spence Moore II

Sammie kept her relationship with Spence, 25, quite private. They were pictured together in December 2021 at the Dodgers Holiday Festival, where they cuddled up for a photo, but she didn’t often share pics of them online.

However, The Circle fans got a peek inside their relationship in September 2021, when Spence wrote, as per E News:

Happy Birthday @sammiee aka the most beautiful girl I think I’ve ever had a chance to share space with. Words cannot describe how much you mean to me. How much I care about you. How much I love you because I really do. You my person. My biggest fan, greatest supporter, and lifelong partner. Our story is just beginning, but I cannot wait to fill in all of the blanks with you. I love you with all of me, enjoy your day, and I will see you soon.

Since Sammie gave birth to her firstborn, no pictures of her and Spence have been shared on social media, while any that did exist online have now been deleted from their Instagram pages.

Where Sammie is after The Circle

Sammie has been busy with mom life since The Circle. She briefly dated Kenny after winning third place on the Netflix reality show but then got into a relationship with Spence. More recently, she went traveling with her little one.

She went to California, Florida and then onto Pennsylvania with her son Brae. Sammie wrote on Instagram that she “never imagined she’d be a single mom” on January 12 and said:

I remember being young and dreaming of my life a certain way. Daydreaming about what kind of a mother I’d be, partner I’d be (never imagined being a wife lol but I could actually see it now) and here I am living a life I never imagined, I never imagined being a single mom; it wasn’t in the cards, but now it’s hard for me to ever imagine anything other than me and Brae, Brae and I.

Sammie has also been doing paid partnerships with brands such as Adidas. The social media influencer revealed, “2022 has been good to me,” and shared all the pictures she took of her son, who she welcomed in April.

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