100 Humans: Meet Sammy Obeid on Instagram - Netflix presenter is a math major!

While many have replaced “Netflix and chill” for “quarantine and chill,” that hasn’t stopped Netflix from proving they are still top dog when it comes to keeping us entertained.

Realistically, the vast majority of us are going to be plonking ourselves down on the sofa during the Covid-19 pandemic, binge-watching all the series we can find, and praying for the best. So, that’s a good thing Netflix has a new show out this March!

100 Humans dropped to the streaming site on Friday, March 13th. The show sees three presenters test out a range of human behaviour/nature experiments on, you guessed it, one hundred humans.

One of the show’s presenters is Sammy Obeid. So, who is Sammy? Find out more about the 100 Humans star here.

Screenshot: 100 Humans S1 E3 – Netflix

Who is Sammy?

Sammy Obeid is a comedian and writer originally from Oakland, California.

Sammy graduated from UC Berkeley with an Applied Math and Business double major. And while maths is one of Sammy’s passions, so is comedy; it wasn’t long before Sammy was combining the two!

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Over the years, Sammy has been seen on ConanAmerica’s Got Talent and Last Comic Standing. Sammy has also been featured in The New York Times, as he set a world record of performing standup 1,001 days in a row.

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Sammy and 100 Humans

Sammy has a blog where he gets incredibly candid about his struggles in the industry. In one post entitled ‘How I Booked Netflix‘, Sammy explains that he thought his “career was over” by 2017 after “12 failed TV pilots, including two of [his] own.”

So, booking the 100 Humans came as a massive shock to Sammy when he was approached by Netflix in April 2018. Uncannily, this came just over a week after Sammy had been pitching ideas for a new show called “100”. 

The filming took place between June and July of 2018, and the show’s release remained up in the air until February 2020! It’s been a pretty wild ride for Sammy, we bet.

Follow Sammy on Instagram

Sammy already had a bit of a following before starring on the Netflix series, but we’re certain that’s going to rocket as 100 Humans continues to garner more fans. Now, Sammy has over 11,500 followers and counting. This figure is correct as of publication date.

To find out more about Sammy and keep up to date with his latest, follow him @sammyobeid.




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