Sara Jane Ho teaches how to live with etiquette on her Netflix show Mind Your Manners. Stephanie Osifo is one of her clients who embraces her alter ego Ya Bish and undergoes a ‘makeunder’ with Sara’s help.

The new series follows world-renowned etiquette teacher Sara Jane Ho as she helps her students become their best selves and put others at ease, including Stephanie, who she helps to increase confidence to shine in any situation.

Stephanie featured in episode 1, who was eager to leave her past self behind, accept herself, and work towards a bright future. She revealed she was living at home with her parents and wanted to turn her life around.

Stephanie Osifo wears green dress and holds palms out bending legs, while Sara in blue dress does the same.
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Meet Stephanie on Mind Your Manners

Stephanie is a 25-year-old living with her parents, Rita and Raphael Osifo. She admitted that she likes to party hard with her friends for days and often went by the name “Ya Bish,” which she calls herself on Instagram.

Her parents wanted her to take on more responsibilities and change her lifestyle, while Sara’s client was eager to graduate and stand up on her own feet. In five years, she hoped to have her own house, a nice job, and start a family.

Stephanie revealed that she had grown up being bullied for having eczema, which would leave scar marks on her skin. As a result, she often wears figure-hugging clothes so that people focus on her body rather than her skin.

Sara Jane Ho taught her etiquette

Sara noticed Stephanie’s figure-hugging outfits, and decided to have her undergo a makeunder. Before that, they practiced tongue twisters to improve how she pronounced different words, with Sara noticing her quick learning.

They then worked on her walking style and how she should walk in heels. Sara advises that people should not walk into the workplace like a party, and next, asked if Stephanie would be comfortable removing her makeup.

Sara also went bare-faced in an act of solidary, with Stephanie admitting she uses make-up as a shield to feel pretty. Makeup artist Rae Morris and hairstylist Koh helped to give her a makeunder, advising her on how to look natural.

Stephanie tried on different clothing which can be worn in the workplace, and revealed that as a result, she felt more confident and like she had left some of her fears behind in the process.

Where Stephanie Osifo is now

Stephanie’s family were incredibly pleased with the progress she had made by the end of episode 1. She currently has pink hair and wears figure-hugging clothing as she did when she first visited Sara Jane Ho.

She also continues to wear a full face of make-up, but it’s clear she is oozing more confidence. A fan said: “Your beauty is natural and just seeing that little portion of your episode you can just see how amazing you’re! Keep shining ❤️.”

Living in Sydney, Australia, she works as a disability support worker and appears to have adopted the makeunder look that was given to her on the series. Stephanie is still going on nights out, but mainly for dinner parties.



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