Sarah Tangye is a star of Netflix latest reality show Byron Baes. From belting out a tune in a recording studio to cuddles with her pet cat, there is one thing her Instagram shows: she’s never without her mic in hand.

Artists, influencers and entrepreneurs in Byron Bay are documented as they navigate life and try to make their dreams come true. Sarah is one of the 14 cast members, with a dream to turn her singing career into a total success.

With personal life getting in the way, Elias Chigros, Nathan Favro, and Jade Kevin Foster are just some of the up-and-coming stars to feature. From tears to “feeling like an outsider”, Sarah shares her story just as much as they do.

We had a sneak through her Instagram to find that she’s doing one of three things: lapping up the beach waves, cuddling her cat or paying the recording studio a visit…

Byron Baes | Official Trailer | Netflix

Byron Baes | Official Trailer | Netflix

Who is Sarah Tangye?

Sarah is a musician and cast member on Netflix’s Byron Baes. The singer, influencer and piano player is originally from the Gold Coast, and was formerly a part of the Melbourne-based musical duo Elle.

She moved to Byron because she wanted to be closer to people more similar to her and knew that the place would open up her creativity a lot further. However, she was later faced with drama among the girls and other stars.

During the show, she gets caught up in a love triangle with Nathan Favro, who showed her around – he was basically her tour guide – and Elisa Chigros. Feeling alienated by the other ladies as a result, she felt like leaving Byron Bay.

Byron Baes: The star’s music career

Credited with singing the popular Elle single ‘Reckless Life’, Sarah has been based in Melbourne and recording songs for years. While she was formerly part of Elle, she now appears to be a solo artist.

Going by the name of St. James, the Netflix star released her first single Reckless Life on Spotify earlier this year. The track has had 11.6K plays so far, and is part of her Meow project.

Since filming for Byron Baes, she hasn’t stopped grafting to create a successful music career and has done her fair share of modelling (shot by to promote her latest single.

Meet Sarah on Instagram

Sarah tends to spend a lot of her time in the recording studio, where she was often found even before her Byron Baes fame. And if she isn’t (which is very rare), she’s having a cuddle with her cat or enjoying some fruit on the beach.

As she had a connection with Nathan on-screen, many are wondering if they may now be in a relationship. However, there are no pictures with him on her page, but a good sign is that they are following each other!

The Netflix star is clearly a hard worker, and confessed she has worked every day since 4am in the past week. Way before she appeared on the reality show, Sarah shared a snap of her playing piano as a young girl, posted in 2014.

So it’s clear that singing and music has always been her dream, regardless of the reality TV show. She’s been performing on stages in Australia since 2015, and began sharing photos of her recording music from 2020 onwards.



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