Say I Do on Netflix: Where are Marcus and Tiffany from Episode One now?

Netflix’s new surprise wedding show Say I Do has won over Queer Eye fans since it first aired on July 1st, 2020. 

The first episode sees Marcus and Tiffany LaCour tie the knot again with the help of chef Gabriele Bertaccini, fashion designer Thai Nguyen and interior designer Jeremiah Brent.

Their talents brought the wedding of a lifetime to the LaCours, who gave the pair amazing food, a stunning flower backdrop and a matching dress and suit.

But fans are wondering where the couple is now. Did they live happily ever after? We’ve done some digging for you!

Screenshot: Marcus and Tiffany on Say I Do, Episode 1, Netflix

Meet Marcus and Tiffany LaCour

Talent consultant Marcus is from New Bern, North Carolina, and blogger Tiffany is from Painseville, Ohio. They have a three-year-old daughter Noelle.

The lovebirds first met at college. Tiffany messaged Marcus to say Happy Birthday, he called her and their love story blossomed from there.

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In Episode 1, Tiffany said they were “so broke” when they met but that they wanted to get married. They first got married seven years ago. Marcus admitted he was hungover on their wedding day, a fire had erupted in the reception and some family drama took place.

But Marcus wanted to turn the disaster wedding into a dream for Tiffany, after a year of loss. Her father died of sickle cell anemia and then she lost her sister unexpectedly, in an eight-week time frame.

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Say I Do on Netflix: The couple’s wedding

Marcus met with Gabriele, Thai and Jeremiah to discuss the wedding and went on to ask for their expertise.

During the plans, he opened up to Gabriele and told him he has Type 1 Diabetes. Later, he met with Thai to discuss the making of a beautiful dress, and then Jeremiah, before Marcus proposed to Tiffany.

Several wedding plans later, Jeremiah walked Tiffany through the garden where she last saw her sister. He showed her a bench plaque he had made in memory of her father and sibling.

Jeremiah booked Drees Pavilion for their wedding, a venue between Cincinnati and Kentucky. It was here that the couple made their lifelong promises to each other again.

I need to be pinched to make sure I’m not dreaming, and if I am, don’t wake me.

Screenshot: Marcus and Tiffany’s wedding on Say I Do, Episode 1, Netflix

Where are Marcus and Tiffany now?

The couple are enjoying life in Cincinnati as a family, with their daughter. Marcus considers himself a gym fanatic and often works from home.

Tiffany is a blogger and regularly uploads family life to her Youtube channel Necessarily Tiffany.

Fans will be happy to hear Marcus and Tiffany are still as loved up as in Say I Do.

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