Netflix has finally released an update about the Too Hot To Handle season 4 couples which revealed that Seb and Kayla had broken up after the show.

The Netflix show has been making headlines since its fourth season’s release on December 7. This season starred a new set of singles who were fighting their instincts to get physical with one another, in order to win the grand prize of $200,000.

Sebastian Melrose, 24, and Kayla Richart, 22, were one of the most talked about couples this season. They are also season 4’s runner-ups as Nick and Jawahir bagged the first position and the prize money.

Seb and Kayla sit under bed covers, she looks at him.
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Seb and Kayla had broken up after Too Hot To Handle

Netflix released an update on the season 4 couples on Wednesday, December 28.

In the recent video on the Still Watching Netflix YouTube channel, Seb and Kayla reveal that they dated for a few months after the show but broke up soon after.

“At first Seb and I were dating for a few months, I traveled to Scotland,” Kayla says when asked about her relationship status. “It was a lot all at once,” the 22-year-old said.

The motor racing driver, 24, revealed that the long-distance got difficult for them both as Seb lives in Scotland while Kayla resides in Los Angeles. He also noted that it was always a fear for him.

Kayla revealed that they ended up breaking up “mutually,” but they did not stop communicating. But the Instagram model also noted that they would “hopefully soon we will give things another try.”

Seb says “I’m still very much in love with her. I think we’ve got enough memories to continue something together.”

The couple is back together now

As Kayla said in her “Where are they now confessional,” the couple has given things another try.

The two are back together at the time of writing this. On Thursday, December 29, Kayla and Seb posted a series of pictures and videos on Instagram showing the two all loved up. The caption reads, “This is us, let’s see where it goes.”

Seb also posted a story on his account sharing more about why they broke up and how the pressure of long distance got a lot on the two. “it just got a lot, long distance and everything like that, it was just very tough,” he said.

He also noted that they’ve spent the last year working on themselves as individuals and as a couple. He also said that they spoke to one another pretty much every day.

Which other Too Hot To Handle S4 couples are still together?

Besides Seb and Kayla, only Brittan Byrd and James Pendergrass have ended up together after Too Hot To Handle season 4.

Sharing their story, Brittan and James also revealed they too took a break briefly after the show.

“We both didn’t really know where we stood with each other,” Brittan shared. James shared that the two moved to Los Angeles and started dating again.



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