Seb Melrose and Kayla Richart have hinted they’re still together after Too Hot To Handle (THTH) wrapped and, although neither has confirmed a continued relationship, there’s some serious flirting going back and forth on Instagram.

Kayla and Seb became one of the strongest couples on THTH season 4 but live in totally different countries for a start. Not ideal when it comes to romance. That left Netflix viewers worried about whether they’d last in the outside world and has them wondering whether they’re together.

Despite the long distance, Seb has been leaving some seriously eyebrow-raising comments on Kayla’s recent social media uploads. Let’s remind ourselves of their Too Hot To Handle journey and sneak a peek at their latest communications.

***WARNING: Too Hot To Handle spoilers incoming***

Kayla Richart and Sebastian Melrose sit on sun loungers with pool in background.
Credit: Tom Dymond/Netflix

Seb and Kayla on Too Hot To Handle

Seb and Kayla had a whirlwind of a journey on Too Hot To Handle season 4. They cost their co-stars $50,000 after sleeping with each other in the shower, and that wasn’t even their only rule break having also kissed and got intimate.

However, Seb is tempted by newbie Flavia Laos toward the end of the first half of the season, which is when Kayla cries because she’s afraid to lose him. She also admits she’s never liked someone the way she likes Seb before.

They had both already made connections with other people during the show. Nigel Jones was Kayla’s original top choice due to his body, personality and general confidence, while Seb shared a kiss with Jawahir Khalifa in the pool.

They hint they’re still together

Seb has been leaving some seriously flirty comments on Kayla‘s Instagram, and she’s totally playing along. He wrote on December 3, when THTH season 4 was released: “The ‘obsessed’ part is true 🥵🔥🔥.”

She replied to him: “You knowww ❤️.” Over on Seb’s page, she complimented him on his most recent upload and wrote: “He’s got style ✨.” Kayla even left heart emojis on one of his selfies three weeks ago!

Although neither Seb nor Kayla has revealed whether they’re still together, it’s clear they are on a good level with each other following their Too Hot To Handle romance. She’s certainly keeping her eyes on him as she said: “Ok, I see you 🔥.”

In May and September 2022, Seb shared Instagram photos of himself in California, not far from Kayla’s home city of Los Angeles. Kayla has also been spending time in London, England, which is a lot closer to Seb’s home in Glasgow, Scotland, than LA is!

THTH fans ‘rooting’ for Seb and Kayla

Seb and Kayla are one of the strongest couples on season 4, and fans are rooting for their romance. Although they’re not everyone’s cup of tea, many Too Hot To Handle fans are wishing them the best.

One viewer said: “I honestly like Kayla and Seb, when they aren’t thinking purely s*xual their convos are cute.”

Many are dubbing them Cam and Emily 2.0 from season 2, who are still together.

Another penned their reaction on Twitter: “Seb and Kayla are giving Cam and Emily vibes. #toohottohandle.”

This fan told Kayla over on Instagram: “You and Seb are cute btw, rooting for you both.”



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