Too Hot To Handle is back on Netflix for season 4, and this year’s cast are not ones to stick to the rules, especially Seb Melrose.

Of course, breaking the rules means losing part of their $100,000 prize pool, and it seems the contestants are driving further and further away from the big money as things continue to heat up and temptations become too much.

We take a look at Seb Melrose and what he had to say about breaking Lana’s rules so soon.

Who is Seb Melrose?

Sebastian Melrose is a 24-year-old racing car driver from Scotland.

Speaking at the start of the show Seb said: I was an outright ugly kid back in the day, but that’s why I’m so good at talking because I had to have the chat.” He now says he’s ‘dangerous’ after his glow-up. We’re sure his cast mates agree.

Seb’s glow-up has helped him on Instagram, as at the time of writing, Seb has 18.9k Instagram followers. He’s pretty active on the platform, posting a mix of his work and play.

His bio states: “I live life in the fast lane…I hope Lana can keep up with me S4 contestant on @TooHotNetflix @Netflix @NetflixUK.” After the first five episodes, we’re not sure if she can!

Seb has already broken Lana’s ultimate house rule

Although Netflix has only released the first five episodes of the season, we’ve already seen a lot from Seb, and the temptation has already gotten too much for him.

In fact, Seb went all the way and broke Lana’s number one golden rule when he got intimate with partner Kayla.

Not even Lana could stop the couple, who carried on rulebreaking even after she doubled the fines.

Speaking on the rule break to the Express, Seb said: “I was just going with the flow and I’m not being funny, trying to resist Kayla is difficult.”

Lana seemed to think the connection between the two was more physical than emotional, but we guess we’ll have to carry on watching to find out!

Fans react to Seb

Of course, fans have taken to Twitter to share their opinions on the new season, and it seems like some users wouldn’t be able to resist Seb either…

One user tweeted: “Season 4 of too hot to handle has the best cast since season 1. literally love like all of them seb is def…interesting but still funny.”

Seb’s name and occupation may also sound familiar, which of course amused fans.



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