Selling Sunset season 6 introduces viewers to The Oppenheim Group’s realtors and their wealthy clients including Neeraj Gunsagar. The new installment of the Netflix show kicked off on May 19 and sees potential buyers shown around all kinds of stunning properties.

Chelsea Lazkani and Emma Hernan appear on episode 2 of the show alongside billionaire Neeraj. After Emma’s old flame Micah McDonald renovated an LA mansion to a crazy-high spec, it made perfect sense for Chelsea’s super-rich client to come in and take a peek.

So, let’s find out more about Neeraj including the business he sold for a billion dollars.

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Neeraj Gunsagar on Selling Sunset

Selling Sunset season 6 episode 2 sees Emma Hernan explain that she’s tasked with selling an LA home renovated by Micah.

Chelsea Lazkani brings her client, Neeraj Gunsagar, to Hillside Avenue to view a five-bedroom, five-bathroom home sprawling almost 5,000 square feet.

The property is listed for just under $5.5 million and there’s a $164,850 commission up for grabs.

Who is Neeraj?

When Chelsea introduces Neeraj on Selling Sunset, she says that he “recently sold his company for a cool billion dollars.”

Chelsea adds that the billionaire had just purchased a house in Santa Monica and was looking to buy another as a rental property.

Neeraj is the ex-CEO of Byte, an invisible teeth aligner brand.

He writes in his Instagram bio that he is ex-CEO and president of Byte as well as ex-CMO and CRO at True Car.

Neeraj also states on LinkedIn that he began his career in finance.

Selling Sunset star has two sons

As well as becoming a billionaire, Neeraj can add ‘Netflix star’ to his resumé in 2023.

The businessman is a father of two, and it’s clear to see from his social media that he takes his parenting role seriously.

He writes in his Twitter bio (@ngunsagar): “Dad, first and foremost, who’s just trying to enjoy every day and teach my boys to care for the world.”


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