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Christine Quinn's husband told to 'choose who to save' during traumatic labour

Despite being portrayed as the ‘villain’ on Selling Sunset, Christine Quinn has also gone through very tough moments off-camera. The star recently opened up over having a very traumatic and difficult labour, where not just her child’s life was at stake, but also her own.

For this week’s episode of Alex Cooper’s Call Her Daddy podcast, Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn had been invited as a guest for a ‘Confessions of a Reality TV Villain‘. She candidly spoke about her life before fame, her character in the show, and also, journey into motherhood.

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Christine speaks about motherhood – “My birth was really traumatic”

Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images for Empire State Realty Trust

On May 15, 2021, Christine and her husband Christian Richard welcomed their first child, Christian Georges Dumontet. Although she is now the happiest she could be with her little one, she recalled her very difficult labour.

The conversation between the two started as Alex Cooper brought up the topic of motherhood. Her son, Christian, was about to turn a year old a few days after the podcast had been recorded.

Explaining the day she was rushed into the hospital for an emergency C-Section, the mum described it to be a very “horrible situation.”

They, the doctors came to my husband and said, you need to choose one right now because we’re not sure if we can, we can save both,” Christine explained.

Her husband, determined to save both Christine and their son did not hesitate to fight back. He replied: “You need to save both. Make this happen.” Thankfully, the doctors successfully saved both lives and the couple welcomed their first son together.

The 37-year-old star also got candid about being “thrown into production” a week after having given birth:

“So then we go into season 4, season finale, it where I was wearing the gold dress and that was a week after I had a baby and I had postpartum depression and they’re just piling on piling on, piling on.”

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Setting the record straight about the ‘pregnancy hoax’

Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for CLD PR

Episodes of Selling Sunset are shot weeks if not months before their release. During an episode of Season 4 of Selling Sunset, she and Davina Potratz were filming a yoga scene. Christine, who had recently given birth at the time, was accused of faking her pregnancy.

“People think it was a hoax people thought it was a hoax because of the editing of the show,” she said. However, she was actually pregnant.

To hide that Christine was pregnant at the time, the editors only filmed her from chest-up, and also from behind. The star also explained that shots aren’t always used chronologically. One episode may have scenes that happened weeks or days before the next scene.

After the scene is shot, she said that editors choose what goes in each scene “according to their narrative in the show.”

She added: “In storyland when you’re watching the show, it looks like I had an emergency C-section, and then the next episode I’m upside down on my head doing yoga. So that’s what sparked all of that.”

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Fans are loving Christine’s boldness

Christine has surely spilled all the tea not just about Selling Sunset but also about her past life. The star also joked that nobody ‘could afford her lawyers’.

As one of the favourite cast members of Selling Sunset, fans of the reality TV star have been reacting to her boldness in Call Her Daddy’s podcast. Quinn was being praised for her honesty and no-filter reactions with straight answers.

View the full episode from the Call Her Daddy podcast on Spotify with Alex Cooper here.

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