Christine Quinn is the fiery-tongued reality TV sensation who rocketed into our lives on Selling Sunset. 

The hit Netflix reality series returned for its third season to date on Friday, August 7th with eight brand new episodes. The show follows the star realtors of one of Los Angeles’ most exclusive real estate agencies, The Oppenheim Group.

Christine joined the series and instantly won over fans. And although Christine is often found at the heart of the drama, season 3 will be her most significant season to date, as it shows her wedding to tech millionaire hubby Christian Richard.

But one thing viewers are desperate to know is if Christine is planning on becoming a mother any time soon. So, is Christine Quinn pregnant?

Screenshot: Selling Sunset S3 E8 – Netflix

Selling Sunset cast talks pregnancy rumours

In season 3 episode 8, Christine and Christian’s elaborately gothic wedding is shown to viewers.

During the fitting for her wedding dress, Christine notes to Heather Rae Young and Davina Potratz that it no longer fits. Christine jokes: “Like my boobs are f***ing huge, and they’re having to like, alter and change everything.”

Heather then asks the big question of whether Christine is, in fact, pregnant. Heather comes right out and asks Christine “Are you pregnant?” to which Christine just denies and says “there’s no way.” Davina then continues to state that Christine had been showing other typical signs of pregnancy, including nausea and vomiting.

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Screenshot: Selling Sunset S3 E8 – Netflix
Screenshot: Selling Sunset S3 E8 – Netflix

Is Christine Quinn pregnant?

No. From what we know so far, and the visual evidence that her physique has not changed, Christine Quinn is not pregnant.

When it comes to the symptoms, it has been explained that Christine was actually suffering with Covid-19 and these could have been byproducts of having the illness.

Her wedding happened in December 2019, so if Christine was pregnant then, she would now be 8 months pregnant. From the looks of Christine’s Instagram, she is far from giving birth – she has a totally flat stomach!

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Christine wants kids with Christian

Although Christine was not pregnant while filming Selling Sunset, kids are on the cards.

Speaking to, Christine said:

I absolutely love kids, I want two, I would love two boys. I can’t even imagine like trying to tame a little Christine. I always wanted two little boys just because I’m actually like quite a tomboy myself… Obviously we want to travel first, but then after that we’d love to start a family.



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