Selling Sunset is back and fans are thrilled. Realtors from the Oppenheim Group will be trying to sell high-end property in LA while also navigating their personal and professional lives.

But what has really got fans talking is Christine Quinn’s latest fashion accessory. Reality Titbit has found out the price of the iconic Chair Purse and it has left fans shocked.

Selling Sunset & Selling Tampa | Official Teaser Trailer | Netflix

Selling Sunset & Selling Tampa | Official Teaser Trailer | Netflix

Christine Quinn discusses her fashion sense on Selling Sunset

Per The Dipp, in the new season of Selling Sunset Christine Quinn says in one of her confessionals that she feels that her fashion sense has become more maternal and less “hoe-y” since giving birth to her son.

In one of her first looks, a heavily pregnant Christine tours a home with Jason who does not notice her diamond-encrusted fashion accessory straight away. When he does eventually notice, Christine tells him: “It’s not supposed to hold anything, it’s a fashion statement.”

How much is the Chair Purse?

Fans were left slightly baffled when they saw the Chair Purse appear on the latest season of Selling Sunset as there is no room to actually put anything inside.

In fact, Nordstrom acknowledges this in the description of the fashion accessory:

Always have a front-row seat thanks to this sparkly pavé folding chair made in collaboration with lifestyle brand Myreality. Shown on the runway at New York Fashion Week, this bedazzled objet d’art doesn’t actually carry anything, except for a conversation.

Per Mail Online, the crystal chair purse from designer Area retails for over $900. If you want to get your hands on the must-have accessory then it is currently on sale at Farfetch for £975.

Fans of the chair-themed statement pieces can also get their hands on a single crystal-embellished earring which is currently retailing for $380 on Farfetch.

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Fans react to Christine Quinn’s interesting fashion accessory

Selling Sunset fans took to Twitter and Reddit to share their thoughts on the fashion accessory. Check out some of the best reactions below!

One user wrote: “It’s not even a purse because it can’t hold anything. What is it!?!?! why would anyone want to carry around a mini folding chair on a chain? I don’t even understand it. I hate it so much for how stupid and ugly it is. …and also like, why a FOLDING CHAIR? of all things.”

While another said: “It’s the type of bag that probably would not work unless you were famous and had the persona to pull it off. I just can’t stop looking at that horrible shoulder lines on the jacket. That’s too much for me lol.”

Another added: “I got a Facebook ad for that chair from Nordstrom like a month ago. It was $1000. And literally just a mini chair on a chain. What a strange accessory.”

While another tweeted: “I’m five minutes into #SellingSunset season 4 and Christine is already heavily pregnant, wearing stilettos and a mesh dress, and carrying a miniature folding chair instead of a purse. Iconic.”



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