Romain Bonnet's job explained: Was the Selling Sunset star really a pastry chef?
Romain Bonnet in Selling Sunset S2 - Netflix

Romain Bonnet's job explained: Was the Selling Sunset star really a pastry chef?

Selling Sunset has returned to The Oppenheim Group for a third season this August 2020.

All of our favourite LA brokers were back on our screens from Christine Quinn to Mary Fitzgerald. And there are also some returning newbies who now are taking centre stage on the show such as Amanza Smith and Christine’s new hubby Christina.

For this group of top real estate agents, they spend an alarming amount of time talking about their relationships both in and out of the office.

The first season introduced viewers to Mary’s boyfriend Romain, however, he has fully developed into one of the core cast members in season 2. But despite getting to know him better this season, viewers still have plenty of questions about her French beau. So, what does Romain do for a living? What is his background?

We’ve done some digging into the Selling Sunset star to find out more about him.

Romain Bonnet in Selling Sunset S2 – Netflix

Who is Romain from Selling Sunset?

Romain Bonnet, 26, was introduced in Selling Sunset season 1 episode 1 when Mary showed him around a property.

Mary later reveals that she met Romain through a client, explaining that his boss was moving some French pastry chefs to the area a few years ago and she helped him find a place to stay.

This lead many to believe that Romain had a job as a pastry chef – which Mary attested to – however, there has been some confusion around whether this is true or not.

They met in 2017 and got engaged in 2018.

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What is Romain’s job?

Romain Bonnet is a model. He is represented by the Wilhelmina agencies in both New York and in Los Angeles, which are two major contracts.

He first started sharing his modelling shots to Instagram in November of 2016.

Romain’s major gig at the moment is as a model and a cast member of Selling Sunset, but he did actually once work as a pastry chef! In April 2019, Romain took to Instagram to share photographs of his baking skills to prove everyone that doubted him wrong.

In his Instagram post, Romain wrote:

Since so many asked me if it was true that I was a pastry chef, here is some of the pasty I used to make. YES IT WAS TRUE !!!

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Follow Romain on Instagram

To keep up to date with Romain and his now-wife Mary (they wed in October 2019), the best place to find them is on Instagram.

You can follow Romain under the handle @theromainbonnet.

Romain has an Instagram following of 117,000 and counting. Prepare for a feed full of shirtless modelling snaps, idyllic wedding photos and lots of Selling Sunset content.





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