Selling Sunset’s Chrishell Stause fired back at internet trolls as she addressed the three most common misconceptions about her. Though the realtor is aware of the ups and downs of being a public figure, she wanted to share her point of view with her millions of followers.

Being the bombshell of The Oppenheim Group has opened a lot of business opportunities for Chrishell. However, many viewers have labeled her as “mean” due to her interactions and occasional arguments with Christine Quinn.

As the internet trolls have begun to spread malicious comments about the popular realtor, the Selling Sunset star quickly shut them down in a lengthy response via Instagram stories.

Addressing misconceptions

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On August 8, the realtor answered back to the three most common misconceptions about her with her 3.7 million Instagram followers.

Her lengthy statement began: “Things I hear I thought I might address for those wanting to know me more.”

In response to being told she’s “a push over or mean girl” she said: “I set boundaries and if pushed too far WILL push back. I try to be nice to everyone if possible.”

To accusations she does everything to get press coverage, the 41-year-old completely disagreed. As a public figure, Chrishell said she wanted to keep “so many things private and avoid press”. Naturally, when it comes to jobs, the realtor will want to have press coverage.

“Things job related YES. Anything heart-related NO,” she wrote. The realtor then revealed she had recently turned down a television opportunity “because it didn’t align where her heart was”.

One thing the Selling Sunset star didn’t care about being called on was “an annoying pick me girl”. Giving her honest opinion, she said: “Lately I have come into my own and I’m loving it regardless of what strangers will think”.

She concluded: “I will always be SO grateful for the success I’ve had and I know misconceptions are part of the territory. So all good. Just responded from my point of view for those wondering.”

Cheers to having so much fun

Despite having to deal occasionally with internet haters, the fan-favorite hasn’t stopped enjoying her life. Recently having celebrated her 41st birthday, Chrishell went on a 10-day Instagram cleanse.

On the day of her return, the reality star posted a photo of herself with a glass of wine she captioned: “Cheers to having so much fun, you forgot about the gram Sorry guys, I’m back!”. The post also included shots with her BFF Emma Hernan and Chelsea Lazkani.

Her birthday celebration included the attendance of her closest friends, including “bestie for life” Emma and former partner and CEO of The Oppenheim Group, Jason Oppenheim – who said exes can’t be friends.

Chrishell’s success after Selling Sunset

Thanks to the international success that Netflix’s original reality series Selling Sunset has had, many of the realtors have become international stars. While some are traveling around the world for the most prestigious fashion brands, others are making their business moves outside of the Oppenheim Group.

In the case of Chrishell, she has appeared on ITV’s Celebrity Karaoke, as well as the launch of House Flipper on Xbox PC Game Pass, which is a real estate game that allows players to renovate homes and turn them into the most exclusive in the area.

After five seasons, the star has made a lot of friendships throughout her journey. Yes, there is occasional drama and romance in between, but nothing can beat a friendship like Chrishell and Emma’s.

Now that the Selling Sunset cast is looking forward to a sixth and seventh series of Selling Sunset, Chrishell revealed to The List the things she looks forward to doing once filming begins.

She said: “I always look forward to spending more time with all of us together. We are always so busy, but filming helps us coordinate our schedules better.”

Although a release date of season six of Selling Sunset is yet to be revealed, the realtors are set to begin filming in the next few weeks.

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