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maya vander selling sunset

Selling Sunset's Maya Vander on her Israeli origin and moving to LA: Meet the mum-of-two!

Netflix’s Selling Sunset isn’t just about selling real estate, it also brings gossip, drama and the livelihoods of glamorous realtors in Los Angeles to our screens.

In every series, the cast work hard to get their multi-million pound listings bought. In the latest season, Christine, Mary, Chrishell, Heather, Maya, Amanza, Davina, Jason and Brett show clients around the top houses on the LA market. Fans consider Maya as a firm favourite cast member, with her knack for staying away from the drama.

Maya, 37, is one of the main agents of the estate show series. She holds two jobs, including The Oppenheim Group featured on the show, and Douglas Elliman Real Estate based in Miami.

We spoke to Maya about everything fans are dying to know: her origin, family life and moving to LA, plus how Selling Sunset has changed her life. Check out what Maya had to say here!

Screenshot: Maya Vander on Selling Sunset, Episode 5 Season 3, Netflix

Meet Maya Vander

Maya Vander is a 32-year-old realtor associate from Israel. She is a mother to 16-month-old Aidan and newborn Elle, and is loved-up with her husband who she has not revealed the name of due to his job role in finance. Maya met him six years ago in a bar in Santa Monica, gave him her business card and is now married to him.

She has starred in Selling Sunset series since the first season, which came out in March 2019. Ever since, she has won over the hearts of many fans and secured several listings – including her own. Maya lives in Miami, where she is currently doing showings, but travelled to LA when the show was being filmed. Over the past 5 years, she has worked for the Oppenheim Group in LA, and for Douglas Elliman in Miami, for just over 3 years. Her net worth is allegedly $1 million.

Maya explained to us how she started her career in real estate. She said:

I was working in retail, and then my mum suggested to me, ‘Why don’t you go into real estate?’ where I can make more money. So I passed the exam but it was definitely not easy and it takes time. Some clients can close a deal in two weeks and you get lucky, or you can work with someone that can’t make a decision for one year.

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Where is Maya Vander from?

Fans first noticed Maya’s accent being different to the rest of the cast, and instantly wanted to know where she was from. Maya originates from Israeli, where she was born, and has lived in the Netherlands, Spain and Singapore, before moving to Los Angeles to start her real estate journey. She now lives in Miami. Her mother is Israeli while her father is from the Netherlands, so she’s a “mix of the two”.

She can speak Hebrew, Dutch and English. Maya told us:

I used to live in LA for 15 years, and then we moved to Miami as my husband got a job. I had to travel back and forth to do the show. Last year, I did live in LA for a couple of months to do the show, but if we get picked up for Season 4 with two kids, it’s going to be a little bit different.

Maya talks family life and Selling Sunset

Being part of a very popular Netflix show is daunting enough as it is, but having two children to look after and showing clients around at the same time must be hard. When asked about how she is juggling all three, Maya said: “I’m doing well but it’s been crazy as I have two kids at home and I’m trying to juggle everything.”

Maya continued:

It’s been hard but we manage, and I’m staying busy. I’ve been working on clients in LA and Miami, and doing showings in Miami. My husband works from home so that really helps, and then once the children are in bed at around 8pm, I check my emails – I somehow find the time.

When asked how Selling Sunset has changed her life, Maya said she gets recognised at her local grocery store. She said: “I would say I’m a simple and humble person, and I don’t go out a lot as I’m still practicing social distancing. At the grocery store, people do recognise me. It’s cool, I’m not going to lie – we inspire people to do their dreams.”

We can’t wait to continue following Maya’s journey on Selling Sunset!



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