Selling The OC fans beg for less drama and more houses as office beef takes center stage


Selling The OC fans beg for less drama and more houses as office beef takes center stage

Selling The OC premiered on August 24 and binge-watchers have given their reviews already – and fans are divided over the drama.

*WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Selling The OC season 1*

The Oppenheim Group have expanded its real estate empire to Newport Beach, home to the most luxury properties you’ve ever laid eyes on. If you struggled to differentiate the Oppenheim twin brothers from each other, get ready to have your mind blown by the Selling The OC’s three different Alexandras.

With a fresh set of agents attempting to prove themselves as the company’s best realtor, office politics will get complicated, but fans have complained that a little too much drama has been served.

Some fans reviews include: There’s too much drama and not enough multi-million dollar mansions.

‘Too much office drama’ for Selling the OC fans

SELLING THE OC (L to R) Kayla Carmona, Gio Helou, Polly Brindle, Sean Palmieri and Lauren Brito from SELLING THE OC. Cr. Tyler Golden/Netflix © 2022

It turns out, that there is such a thing as too much drama on Netflix reality shows, according to Selling the OC fans. Don’t get me wrong, shocking revelations keep viewers on the edge of their seats, but when jaw-dropping mansions are involved, they want extensive tours.

“Selling The OC is just drama, barely any house-selling kmt,” a fan complained.

Another reviewed that Selling The OC doesn’t compare to its sister shows. They said: “Selling The OC is not moving me, like selling Sunset and Selling Tampa. They beef more than they sell houses.”

According to one viewer, only three houses were sold eight episodes in. The catch? There are only eight episodes!

“Brett and Jason would not have had that with the ladies on Selling Sunset. The OC been spending most of their time drinking and gossiping,” they claimed.

The exploding drama in season 1

So what’s the beef that has taken center stage? There’s an extensive list, but here are two of the most memorable tensions.

Alexandra and Alexandra vs the office

Alexandra Jarvis and Alexandra Rose are the ultimate partners, proclaiming themselves as “the top-producing female agents in the office”, but that’s rubbed their colleagues the wrong way.

“We run circles around them. We’re really unstoppable,” admitted Jarvis.

On the other side, however, their co-stars are skeptical of their selling methods and subtly accused the duo of pursuing personal relationships with clients to secure lucrative deals. Alex Rose firmly denied the allegations.

Kayla Cardona and Tyler Stanaland’s alleged kiss

SELLING THE OC – Kayla Carmona from SELLING THE OC. Cr. Courtesy of NETFLIX/Netflix © 2022

Tyler has been married to actress Brittany Snow since 2020. However, that allegedly didn’t stop colleague Kayla from attempting to smooch him.

At an after-work drinks event, an intoxicated Kayla allegedly tried to kiss Tyler. The scenes were not filmed on camera, but a few of the other agents recount the drama in Season 1, Episode 5.

Polly Brindle labelled Kayla’s reported behavior as “despicable” as she’s been cheated by spouse before. “[It’s] not only disrespectful to Tyler and Tyler’s marriage, but also disrespectful to me… It’s honestly despicable behavior.”

In a recent podcast, Tyler admitted that his colleague tried to kiss him twice, but has kept the situation calm on the show “out of respect for her. I am just kind of trying to minimize it and brush past it so that there isn’t drama.”

EliteDaily reports Kayla does sit down with Tyler and apologizes to him, to which he explains boundaries need to be established.



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