Lots went down during the Love Is Blind reunion, from the cast slating Shake, to Mellony and Salvador revealing they gave their relationship a second shot. However, fans are most hooked on Shaina apparent squint throughout and have been blowing up Twitter with their comments.

Shaina was asked lots of questions throughout the episode as she was involved in one of the main storylines and love triangles, but fans couldn’t get over her facial expressions as she spoke about her journey.

Keep reading if you want to find out more about Shaina’s squint and the low-down on whether Shayne and Shaina ended up dating.

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Put A Ring On It | Trailer | OWN

Put A Ring On It | Trailer | OWN
Shaina Love Is Blind. Picture: Love is Blind Season 2 Reunion | What Ended Shayne And Natalie | Netflix

Fans couldn’t get over Shaina’s squint

We were expecting a load of reactions on Twitter after we saw the jam-packed drama-fuelled reunion but one we weren’t expecting so much was surrounding Shaina’s squint when discussing her situation with Shayne.

There were some hilarious tweets and memes and ‘Shaina squint’ ended up trending on Twitter. Some of the funniest included:

One thing about Shaina is she gon squint them eyes. Girl go get some glasses!


Whoever is behind the camera that repeatedly zooms in to Shaina’s eye squint stare – we see you and that is funny.


Shaina is blind. she took the love is blind thing a little too literally. the squint kills me lmao.


Fans think Shayne and Shaina may have dated

Even though Shayne ended up proposing to Natalie, he had a strong bond with Shaina from the start and when Natalie and Shayne ended up walking away from their wedding day fans were left wondering if something happened with his other interest.

Although when she was asked, she denied ever having a romantic connection, it seemed Vanessa Lachey knew something that we didn’t.

Vanessa asked Shayne if something happened between the pair but Shayne cut her off saying he didn’t want to get into it. He then confirmed that he had seen Shaina before the reunion but made it clear he didn’t want to talk about it. To which Vanessa responded:

We talked about how you guys tried to date again after, and I think that’s amazing.

Vanessa, Love Is Blind Reunion

Shayne neither confirmed nor denied if anything happened between the pair

As soon as Vanessa even mentioned the idea of them dating, Shayne was quick to shut her down leading fans to speculate as to why he was so keen to end the conversation.

However, although fans have been excited with speculation, Shaina recently confirmed in in podcast that she was no longer single but she confirmed she is dating someone new.

Shaina continued to mention that the person she is dating is not from Love Is Blind but she says she is very happy. We guess we will never fully know what happened between Shayne and Shaina.



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