Shawn Wells revealed he is “225 pounds of pure muscle” on Too Hot To Handle season 4. He walked into the Turks and Caicos villa towards the end of the dating season, turning heads quickly. So what’s his age?

When the fresh batch of episodes were released on Netflix, Shawn walked in as a new bombshell alongside 24-year-old Imogen Ewan. Many began scrambling to figure out how old he is compared to his fellow stars.

Shawn went on a date with Kayla Richart, who is one of the youngest contestants on THTH. Reality Titbit has the scoop on how many years it’s really taken newbie Shawn to create those sculpted abs in the gym.

Shawn on Too Hot To Handle: Age

Shawn is 25 years old, making him three years older than 22-year-old Kayla, who he went on a date with on Too Hot To Handle season 4. From Florida, USA, the model has been walking the runway since he could walk!

He claimed he has a “mature-looking body” on his Instagram Story. Shawn also proudly stated that he is an Aquarius zodiac sign on a TikTok video. Those of an Aquarius horoscope are believed to be independent, intelligent, and unique.

The THTH star revealed on Instagram that he loves his “intelligence and ability to create ideas.” Some fans believe Shawn is 21 years old, but he’s actually several years older at 25.

He carries ‘225 pounds of pure muscle’

Shawn revealed he is 225lb of “pure muscle” and is 6ft 1in. He built a lot of his athletic physique by previously training in the army and keeps his fitness up by regularly training and going for runs.

Outside of the show, Shawn is a model and said on his IG Q&A Highlight that his mother put him in for baby modeling and he picked it up again later in life. Back in April, he said he was 220lb, so he’s packed on the muscle since!

Shawn on Too Hot To Handle season 4

Shawn initially chose Kayla for a date, who is coupled up with Seb. However, their date was cut short as Seb pressed the red buzzer. Shawn took that as a hint to not get involved and said:

Kayla and Seb definitely have a strong connection. I’m definitely disappointed, but at the same time, I’m already putting my mind to the next.

Shawn’s eyes then turned to Jawahir, who is coupled up with Nick. When Ethan asked Shawn who he was most attracted to on Too Hot To Handle, he said:

I love my Black queens, of course, but I’m definitely open to everything else, so.”

Jawahir confessed to being attracted to Shawn and thought that Lana had sent him there to mess with her head. Shawn then said he was open to exploring a connection with her as he felt she was making eye contact.

The two connected when Shawn revealed that he was also adopted, like Jawahir. However, in the end, Jawahir decided that Nick was the man for her and decided to stick with him instead.



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