Indian Matchmaking fans were likely buzzing with excitement for the show’s second season to drop on Netflix on August 10th. Sima Taparia is back, along with some of the season 1 clients, for a brand new eight-episode series which follows the cast’s dating lives.

Shital Patel is a newcomer to Indian Matchmaking in 2022 and, judging by Twitter, viewers are loving her and want to find out more about what happened with her and Niraj. So, let’s find out more about Shital and where she is today.

Shital and her date toast their glasses of red wine at dinner across the table, she wears a floral blouse while he wears a dark blue long-sleeved shirt
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Meet Shital from Indian Matchmaking

Indian Matchmaking season 2 features Vinesh Vasnani, Pradhyuman Maloo, Aparna Shewakramani, Nadia Jagessar, Arshneel Kochar, Akshay Dhumal, Viral Joshi, Priya Ashra and Shital.

Shital is 38 years old and lives in New York. However, she and her family are from New Jersey.

Viewers are introduced to Shital as she takes a boxing class. Fitness is important to her, and she believes that as a “high-value woman” it’s normal for her to have high standards.

Shital’s Indian Matchmaking journey

During Indian Matchmaking, Shital explained that when her middle sister got engaged, she was “bawling” with tears because she felt like a disappointment to her family.

She was tired of being alone and sought the help of Sima to help her find a partner.

Sima wanted Shital to consider someone who had 60-70% of her criteria, rather than meeting every point she had in mind.

She went on dates with Viral and Avinash but actually found someone who she really liked through her sister.

Speaking to Sima about who she’d met, Shital said: “He’s Gujarati, he’s a doctor, he’s amazing”.

Shital and Niraj now

Shital met Niraj on Indian Matchmaking and explained that he’s a year older than her and that she was willing to relocate to Miami for him.

The main thing Shital liked about Niraj was his “heart”. She was grateful to Sima for starting the dating process with her.

The two went for dinner in Miami during episode 8 and the show came to an end with Shital and Niraj getting along well.

Since the show dropped on Netflix on August 10th, neither Shital nor Niraj have publicly confirmed that they’re in a relationship. However, they are both commenting on each other’s Instagram posts a lot.

There are many posts and comments to see on both of their IG pages which show that the two are still in contact. On August 12th, Shital commented on Niraj’s IG post and earlier in August, Niraj commented on Shital’s post with her boxing trainer.



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