Can you sign up for the Floor is Lava show? Netflix fans desperate to apply

Only Netflix could have taken the beloved children’s game ‘the floor is lava’ and turned it into a smash hit reality TV competition.

Floor is Lava dropped to the streaming site on Friday, June 19th and rocketed up to the No. 1 spot on the US Netflix watchlist almost immediately. Whether it was the nostalgia factor or the ridiculous action which drew millions of viewers in, we’ll just accept the show as a perfect combination of the two.

The show sees three teams of three compete against one another to complete an obstacle course. Whoever comes out on top, that is, whoever did not lose their teammates to the “lava” wins a prize of $10,000 and a lava lamp. A pretty easy task, right?

Many viewers believe the Floor is Lava obstacle course to be easier than it looks and are ready to take on the challenge themselves. So, is the show Floor is Lava accepting new sign ups? There are plenty of people wanting to take on the game!

Screenshot: Floor is Lava S1 E1 – Netflix

Floor is Lava fans desperate to sign up

Unlike other Netflix shows such as Ultimate Beastmaster which require a certain level of physical skill, the competitors taking on Floor is Lava are not all from athletic backgrounds. Given that you can just practice in your living room, we’re hardly surprised that viewers are wanting to sign up!

One mother jokingly tweeted: “this is literally what my kids do around the house on the regular- sign us up”

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Another tweeted: “I’m going to need about 8 more seasons of #FloorIsLava immediately. Also, I wanna play. Kthx.”

Can you sign up for Floor is Lava on Netflix?

No. We’re sorry to break the news but as of yet a second season of Floor is Lava has not been confirmed, meaning you cannot yet sign up to Floor is Lava.

Given the immense popularity of the show, it is likely that they would renew it for another season, as we have seen Netflix do with other competitive shows such as Ultimate Beastmaster and Nailed It!.

But until we get the word from Netflix or the show’s production company Haymaker, there is no opportunity to sign up for Floor is Lava.

We will keep this page updated with any new information about applying for Floor is Lava as it is released. 





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