Singles Inferno 2 reunion didn’t take long to happen, as the Korean contestants gathered to watch back on the Netflix series’ best moments. Lots of gossip occurred – including Jin-Young paying Seul-ki a compliment.

Wondering where the season 2 stars are now? Well, on the same day the finale came out, a behind the scenes reunion show came out on Netflix Korea. The boys and girls were sectioned off, where they reacted to the scenes.

Reality Titbit has the lowdown on all the juicy bits that happened, which included Seul-ki admitting she’s getting heart flutters watching back her time on Singles Inferno. But what else took place at the reunion?

Singles Inferno 2 reunion

The Singles Inferno season 2 reunion, which is in two parts on Netflix Korea YouTube, involved Jin-young saying that he “admires Seul-ki’s bravery” for getting into the pool and even jokily saying that everyone is “into him.”

However, many were disappointed that Kim Se-jun did not appear. For those that did appear, they certainly shared some serious gossip, such as when Jong-woo said that Jin-young and Seul-ki are like Beauty and The Beast.

Seo-eun said she couldn’t concentrate on anything else due to her “heart for Yoong-jae.” Clearly, the feelings came flooding back for Seul-ki whose “heart kept fluttering” when she watched back her scenes with Jong-woo.

Where the cast are after the show

Several cast members have dropped hints about where they are after the show. Nadine Lee jokily said that she’s “stuck in Inferno” while Kim Han Bin is also a Singles Inferno star who left as a singleton.

Kim Se-Jun and Lee So-E left together. The two were both wearing matching outfits as they left the beach and walked hand-in-hand, but have shared no hints about a potential relationship since the show.

Yoong-jae and Seo-eun left Inferno together. The couple has shared the same snap of themselves on their Instagram story which hints that they’re still on romantic terms, while Seul-ki and Jong-woo left as a duo after she chose him.

Netflix fans react to reunion

When Singles Inferno 2 reunion came out, viewers instantly noticed that there appears to be a continued love triangle between Seul-ki, Jin-young and Jong-woo, despite Seul-ki picking Jong-woo in the finale.

Some were disappointed though. One fan wrote: “Pretty tame reunion, especially since they separated the men and women to rewatch clips of the season. maybe part 2 will be more interesting? Lol. #SinglesInferno.”

Another penned on YouTube: “The chemistry between Jin-young and Seul-ki was so great, we could see the love between them. I really want to see them together again.”

“I wish Se-jun was here. his reaction would’ve been hilarious not going to lie,” reacted a fellow viewer.



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