The first two episodes of the awaited second season of Single’s Inferno have come out. After the trailer teased a lot of drama, viewers have given their mixed opinions as the first episodes dropped.

After the success of the first season, South Korea’s first Netflix reality TV dating show has arrived for a second series. Bringing warmth during winter, the first episode welcomes 11 contestants willing to find love despite the living conditions of Inferno.

During their stay, the five boys and six girls – with the addition of surprising guests in future episodes – without knowing anything other than their names and surnames, must live together while chemistry blossoms between them.

A recap of Single’s Inferno’s first two episodes

Singles Inferno cast in fist challenge
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One year after the successful first season, Single’s Inferno has returned with a new cast.

In the first episode, the contestants meet for the first time as they come out one by one. Starting to get to know each other, they have the opportunity to create their first interactions while exploring the island and its facilities.

As in the previous season, they are each expected to cook their own meals from scratch. They are also forbidden to share any personal information, except when they’re in ‘Paradise’. However, no information must be shared once they’re back on the island.

Chemistry rises between Park Se-jeong and Jo Yoon-jae, as well as Lee Nadine and Shin Dong-woo. Then, later at night, the contestants have the opportunity to confess their attractions anonymously through a confession box.

On a new day, some contestants begin to make their first moves. After a first challenge, dates and impressions, the fight for love to paradise begins.

However, the drama begins toward the end. Two shocking couples leave for Paradise together, leaving those rejected all over the place.

Fans have mixed feelings about the new season

As the cast from the first season set expectations very high, many viewers were not satisfied with the new contestants.

Although they were only their first impressions based on the initial two episodes, some claimed it was a “boring” start and lacked the energy from season one.

However, other viewers were impressed with a drama that came so early in the season, describing the cliffhanger that was left at the end of the second season as pretty “savage”.

Lee Nadine and Park Se-jeong hailed as faves amid Paradise snub

Fans have already chosen their favorite contestants. At the top of the list are Lee Nadine and Park Se-jeong. Both shockingly rejected to go to Paradise.

Viewers agreed, “no words were needed” to describe both girls, who have set the bar high. Nadine and Se-jeong have already seen a rise in their respective social media accounts.

Lee Nadine’s entrance shocked the most, as viewers recognized her from YouTube in a viral video reacting to her acceptance letter at Harvard. She’s currently the most followed contestant with 76.2k Instagram followers.

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