Netflix’s hit Korean dating show Single’s Inferno is bringing on the drama so early in the season. As the entry of Kim Jin Young piqued the interest of three girls, viewers at home began comparing him with Jungkook from BTS,

In search of love and escape to paradise, some of the contestants have locked their eyes on one person. However, others are still getting to know different people before making their final choice.

There are only four episodes left until the end of the second season of Single’s Inferno 2. The new entries from the contestants have surely interfered with the connections created between some couples.

Newcomer Kim Jin Young gets the attention of three girls

Lee Nadine and Kim Jin Young have a first talk
Credit: Singles Inferno / Netflix Korea

At the end of episode 3, the contestants were surprised with a new entry to the island, Kim Jin Young. As the men were competing against each other to win a meal with two women of their choice, Jin Young shocked all the girls by effortlessly beating all the guys.

The handsome newcomer caught the attention of Shin Seul Ki, Lee Nadine, and Park Se Jeong. However, throughout the episodes, it seems only Seul Ki and Nadine made their first moves leaving Se Jeong behind.

Although Nadine has undeniable chemistry and physical attraction with Shin Dong Woo and the exact same career dreams, the Harvard student wanted to get to know Jin Young more before making her final decision.

Seul Ki, on the other hand, who is also another popular contestant among the girls on the island, seems to have completely fallen for the newcomer. After she took him to Paradise, her options of leaving Inferno hand-in-hand with a potential partner were becoming more difficult for her, as two other male contestants hoped to win her over.

As Se Jeong is now making her first moves toward Jin Young, it is up to the former war officer to decide who will be the one for him.

Kim Jin Young reminds of BTS’ Jungkook

Various Single’s Inferno contestants have reminded viewers of South Korean actors. In Jin Young’s case, the hot singleton reminded netizens of a member of a well-known South Korean boyband, BTS – specifically, Jungkook.

Although it is not exactly their physical appearance, viewers have pointed out several similarities between the two, such as the hair and the sleeve of tattoos.

During his introduction clip, Jin Young described himself as a shy guy but also fun once you get to know him. This comes to Jungkook’s case, whose fans know him as an introvert who still loves to have fun.

Kim Jin Young’s followers doubled within a week

Jin Young’s social media followers doubled within a week, and currently stand at 119k followers.

Four episodes left, it wouldn’t be surprising if he made it into the top stop of the most popular contestants of Single’s Inferno.

At the time of writing, Choi Seo-eun goes in number one with 310k followers followed by Lee Nadine in second place with 266k followers.

Song Ji-A, from season one, is currently the most followed contestant from the Single’s Inferno series with 3.8 million followers.



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