The second season of Single’s Inferno has come to an end, and it was a journey of emotions. The drama-dubbed reality dating show left fans in shock after Lee Nadine left the island alone – but got to have her paradise date with Kim Jin-Young.

After a successful first season, Single’s Inferno brought warmness into the cold weather with a new line-up of singletons who all wanted to find true love. Living on an island with basic resources, the singletons get to know each other without knowing anything but their names.

During the weeks of romance, viewers have witnessed the challenges to make it through Paradise. The contestants fight to earn a night in a five-star hotel accompanied by their love interest.

Lee Nadine finally goes to paradise with Kim Jin-young

Lee Nadine and Kim Jin Young date in paradise
Credit: Singles Inferno / Netflix Korea

A contestant who stole the hearts of fans was Lee Nadine. Although the Harvard student was interested in Shin Dong-woo, her interest turned to Kim Jin-young.

After episodes showed an interest between the two, and their hopes to go to Paradise together, the 22-year-old finally achieved her goal after the YouTuber chose her.

In the previous episode, Lee Nadine was given the chance to choose a male companion for Paradise. However, Lim Min-su went ahead, choosing Jin-Young for a night at the dreamy hotel.

During the scenes, it’s obvious that both Nadine and Jin-young like each other. Fans rooted for the couple since it was a different chemistry than what he had with Shin Seul-ki.

Lee Nadine leaves inferno alone, but Kim Jin-young is rejected

Despite their great chemistry and attraction, Jin-young chose Seul-ki as the woman he wanted to leave the island with.

This surprised the viewers from home since the popular contestant walked towards Nadine before he patted her back and walked towards Seul-ki.

One of the most popular female contestants, Seul-ki, also had Shin Dong-woo and Choi Jong-woo in line, hoping to leave with one of them.

However, Seul-ki shocked the show’s viewers and commentators by deciding to leave Inferno with Jong-woo instead of Jin-young.

But is she dating anyone now?

Nadine may have been left alone, but she has become one of the most successful contestants in the second season of the show.

She was the first Korean-American contestant to enter the show. Naturally, viewers at home were shocked by her “beauty and brains”, breaking the stereotypical image of South Korean girls.

The second season of Single’s Inferno filmed months in advance. Now, Nadine’s followers are curious about her current love life. Earlier this year, she surprised her Instagram followers by posting a photo of herself posing with a mystery man.

Fans began to believe it was Kim Han-bin, as the contestant looks like her favorite K-drama actor, Nam Joo-hyuk. However, recent Instagram has seen her hanging out with Dong-woo and Kim Jun-sik from season one.



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