After 10 episodes, Singles Inferno season 2 has finally come to a close. During the Netflix show’s final episode, the contestants had to decide who they wanted to leave Inferno with. Now fans want to know who is still together.

The season was filled with many touching moments, awkward situations, and blossoming romance. As the couples got to spend time in Paradise together, they truly got to know one another and decide who they could see themselves with. So, let’s take a look at whether any of the Singles Inferno season 2 cast have dropped hints about still being together.

Singles Inferno Paradise City swimming pool
Credit: Netflix YouTube channel/Singles Inferno

Singles Inferno season 2 still together: Yoong-jae and Seo-eun

Yoong-jae and Seo-eun left Singles Inferno together.

Speaking on episode 10, Yoong-jae said: “When I’m with her, our conversation keeps going non-stop even though I do think we talked a lot it’s still not enough for me. So, I want to see her more than just for this summer.”

Han Bin also chose Seo-eun but she opted to leave the show with Yoong-jae.

Fans were super-happy to see Yoong-jae and Seo-eun leave Inferno together. The couple has shared the same snap of themselves on their Instagram story which hints that they’re still together.

Lee So-E and Kim Se-Jun

During Singles Inferno season 2 episode 10, Kim Se-Jun and Lee So-E left together.

The two were both wearing matching outfits as they left the beach and walked hand-in-hand.

However, they’re yet to update fans with their current relationship. Neither Lee So-E or Kim Se-Jun have posted to Instagram together.

Jin-Young picked Seul-ki

Shin Dong-woo, Jin-Young, and Jong-woo all picked Seul-ki to leave Inferno with.

Dong-woo said that he picked Seul-ki as she “moved his heart”.

However, she decided she wanted to leave with Choi Jong-woo.

Kim Han Bin

Kim Han Bin was the first man to have to decide who he wanted to leave Singles Inferno with.

He said that Lee So-E was the most important person to him on the show but he chose Seo-eun in the end.

Seo-eun chose someone else, so Kim Han Bin was left alone at the end of the show.

He doesn’t appear to be giving away any hints on his Instagram page when it comes to whether he’s dating after the show.

Lee Nadine

Season 2 episode 10 sees Nadine also leave Inferno alone.

She and Kim Han Bin both left the series without finding a partner.

Recent Instagram Stories from Lee Nadine show her hanging out with a mystery man as well as Dong-woo and Kim Jun-sik from Singles Inferno season one.



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