Singles Inferno season 2 episode 7 is on its way to Netflix, as the flirty Korean singles get to know each other even better. The streaming platform has released episodes in twos – but the seventh episode is closer than you think.

Each contestant first lands on a beach called “hell” but has to develop a bond with someone, form a couple, and escape to a beautiful island, where they can go on regular date nights with their new significant other.

Eager to watch the next episode? Well, Singles Inferno season 2 episode 7 isn’t far away. Reality Titbit can reveal the exact date and time that the ep will be hitting Netflix, and what fans are predicting will happen.

Singles Inferno season 2 episode 7

Singles Inferno season 2 episode 7 comes out on Tuesday, January 3, 2023, alongside episode 8. After that, Netflix fans will have to wait another week to find out what happens between the cast members.

Netflix releases new episodes of its shows at 12am Pacific Time, which is 3am Eastern Time (ET). That’s 5pm in Korean Standard time, 8 am in GMT, and 1.30pm in Indian Standard Time.

With just four episodes remaining, the final looms closer and fans are already placing their bets on which couples will stay together. However, even a week is far too long for some viewers to wait!

Episodes: Release dates and times

Here’s a list of the upcoming release dates for the rest of the Singles Inferno episodes from season 2, with two episodes at one time releasing until the final batch comes out on January 10:

Netflix fans predict episode 7 events

During Singles Inferno season 2 episode 5, Kim Jin-young and Shin Seul-ki flirted in the swimming pool. Many are now excited to see where their connection takes them during episodes 7 and 8.

Fans also think that newcomer Kim Se-jin will take Lee So-e to Paradise. In a Reddit thread, one speculated:

Only the newest participants will be able to choose to go to heaven lol. The others won’t be able to choose unless they’re chosen by the new participants. So Se-jin definitely chose So-e.

Park Se Jeong won’t go to Paradise, fans predict, as well as Choi Jong-woo. However, this is all based on rumors and we’ll have to wait to watch episode 7 to see what really happens in Singles Inferno season 2.



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