Kim Se-jun might’ve joined Inferno island later in the season, but his short stay made it into the list of best moments in the second season of Single’s Inferno. It seems the star didn’t hesitate to take a nap between scenes, and he got caught.

The second season of Single’s Inferno might’ve come to an end, but the fans are still not moving on past the shocking yet heartwarming last two episodes.

When the cast reunited to watch some of the best scenes in both Inferno and Paradise, Kim Se-jun fell victim to his co-stars exposing him for taking naps between scenes.

It’s not the first time Se-jun has been caught with his eyes closed, though, as he pretty much spent most of his time catching up on some sleep.

But hey, at least he left the island with Lee So-e.

Kim Se-jun slept on his first day at Inferno

Single’s Inferno began with only eight contestants. As the young South Korean singletons got to know each other, new contestants arrived at the island to spice things up.

Kim Se-jun’s entrance at Inferno surprised viewers at home as the second male to have entered Inferno towards the end of the show.

However, while the guys talked about the girls, Se-jun was caught sleeping. This became a joke among the panelists, who thought he was getting an IV shot.

He was not only caught sleeping in the tent but also, on the beach while the rest of the cast enjoyed the sunny weather after the challenges.

Kim Se-jun exposed by Lee Nadine causes memes

As the cast of Single’s Inferno reunited to go through some scenes of the show, Lee Nadine took to her personal Instagram account to expose Se-jun, who continued to take short naps between takes.

Despite Nadine leaving the island alone, the Harvard student made some good friendships along the way. This included newcomer Se-jun, teased by the fan-favorite.

“This man be sleeping 24/7,” she captioned. In Korean, she added: “Even after the shoot… He slept there too…”

The hilarious scenes caused the internet to compile all scenes, where Se-jun was caught sleeping. He is now referred to as Sleeping Beauty or Sleeping Fairy.

But he got Lee So-e at the end

lee so e and kim se jun stand together on the beach
Screenshot from Singles Inferno 2 – Netflix

During his first day on the island, Se-jun received all the attention of Lee So-e. The tailor rewarded her with a night in Paradise, after giving him a good impression.

So-e was having a hard time after her love interest, Jo Yoong-Jae turned out to be more interested in getting to know former Miss Korea, Choi Seo-eun. However, it didn’t take her long to move on with Se-jun.

Sparks between the two grew, and Se-jun didn’t think to walk towards So-e at the finale, leaving hand-in-hand.

It seems things between the couple have worked out, and are still together until this day.



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