Nadine Lee didn’t end up with anyone on Singles Inferno but certainly secured the title of season 2 fan favorite. It’s no wonder that she’s acquired a whopping 1 million followers in just days of the show coming to a stop.

She hit it off with Kim Jin-young, which left her in a love triangle with him and Shin Seul-ki. Many fans watching couldn’t believe that Nadine didn’t have a whole line of admirers, listing her as their fave on the series.

Just days after season 2 released episode 10, its dramatic finale, Nadine’s followers list has shot right up to 1 million. Her biggest fans are clapping their hands for what they feel is a well-deserved achievement by the star.

Singles Inferno: Nadine Lee reaches 1M

Nadine reached 1 million followers on Instagram, following her popularity on Singles Inferno. Many rooted for her to find her love match from the moment she joined the season 2 cast on Netflix.

Singles Inferno fans joined in to congratulate Nadine on reaching a huge amount of followers. She reshared lots of their warm messages to her Instagram Story – and her follower count went up by 100,000 in a day to 1.1 million!

Who did Lee Nadine end up with?

Nadine left Singles Inferno single. She waited on the beach for any potential men to choose her, to which Jin-young told her he would always support her dreams, but then proceeded to choose Seul-ki.

Seul-ki didn’t choose Jin-young and decided to leave with Jung-woo. Despite this, several fans are praying that the two reconnect after the show, while others are crossing their fingers that Nadine and Jin-young meet up again.

Nadine was into sport at high school

Harvard student Nadine described her love of the outdoors on Singles Inferno, revealing that she played soccer and lacrosse in high school and college. She attended The Branson School from 2014 to 2018 for her diploma.

She’s due to graduate from Harvard as a junior in 2023, where she is studying neuroscience under the pre-medical path, with a secondary in Computer Science. It comes after she aced her Harvard, Princeton and Yale applications.



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