Singles Inferno‘s Nadine Lee has been branded the “best” contestant on season 2 of the Netflix dating show, after kindly letting Min-su interrupt her private chat with Kim Jin-young on episode 7.

As Korean singles get to know each other, moving from “Hell” to “Heaven” as they form connections while living on a private island, Nadine has quickly become a fan favorite and feel that she’s overrated as a contestant.

She caught Kim Jin-young for a quick, private conversation on the beach, only to be interrupted by Min-su. Fans say it was a “classy act” for Nadine to let the interruption happen, who they feel “gave the chance to” her co-star.

Singles Inferno: Nadine’s talk with Kim

Nadine and Kim chatted on the beach until Min-su arrived. Kim, who has also formed a connection with Shin Seul-ki, told Nadine that it’s “complicated” because his “feelings are all a bit different” when he meets new people.

He told Nadine that she’s someone he is curious about, as well as “charming.” He also asks if she’s seen the film If Only, which he explains is a melodrama. She says that she likes melodramas, before adding that it’s different to romance.

Fans praise Nadine for ‘classy act’

When Min-su arrived, Nadine left the conversation with Kim so they could talk. Fans have praised Nadine for being their “favorite person on the show” and a “wonderful human being” who they feel is overlooked on the series.

One viewer wrote, “Such a classy act from Nadine. Love her.”

A fellow fan penned: “Nadine [is] so kind. She always give the other girls opportunity to talk with Jin-young even though she also attracted to Jin-young. The way she tapped the new girl to say ‘bye’ so cute. She’s so mature.”

“You can tell she’s a lady’s girl and not a man’s girl and I love this,” reacted a Singles Inferno fan.

Kim also has romance with Shin Seul-ki

Shin and Kim connected with each other, especially when they flirted in the swimming pool one-on-one. However, many predict that he may end up choosing Nadine for Paradise next week, but this is unconfirmed.

She also caught the eyes of Dong Woo and Choi Jong Woo, but her eyes were all set on newcomer Kim after they spent one night in Paradise together. Although he has a romantic bond with Shin, he’s also curious about Nadine.



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