It’s time to turn up the heat because Singles Inferno is back in 2022 with season 2. Let’s get to know one of the show’s singletons, Park Seo Jeong. She’s looking to meet someone on Singles Inferno who is as “hot” as she is.

Singles Inferno first dropped on Netflix in 2022 and had international success. The show’s second season dropped on the streaming service on December 13.

The singles appearing on the show are dropped off on a remote island. They gather around a fire pit on the beach during episode one and begin getting to know one another.

Meet Singles Inferno’s Park Se Jeong

The second singleton to join Singles Inferno in season 2 is Park Se Jeong.

She said that she thinks what makes her attractive is her eyes and her “sexy body.”

Park Se Jeong also said that she is “unexpectedly playful.”

She enjoys taking care of her body and works out three or four times a week as well as playing tennis.

Park Se Jeong is confident

Speaking on Singles Inferno season 2 episode 1, Park Se Jeong said that she’s confident about her body.

Due to the many hours that she spends in the gym, she asked: “What’s not to be confident about?”

She’s looking for someone who can “take care” of her and a “pretty smile” is a bonus.

When it comes to getting the man she wants, Park Se Jeong said that she “rarely fails.”

The singleton is on Instagram

Park Se Jeong can be found on Instagram at @Jennonpark with 11.4k followers.

She’s clearly big on beauty, judging by her Instagram page, and dons pink hair in her more recent IG posts.

The Singles Inferno star can be seen at Tiffany and Co events, dining in luxury restaurants, and, of course, hitting the gym on her IG page.

Park Se shows off her new manicures, chic outfits as well as herself posing in museums and on the beach.



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