Sire Design's all-female all-Latina team is taking over Designing Miami

Sire Design's all-female all-Latina team is taking over Designing Miami

Netflix have struck more reality TV gold with their latest series Designing Miami which follows Ray and Eilyn Jimenez’s respective design teams.

The husband-and-wife duo, who dub themselves the “young Latino power couple,” run competing interior design firms in Miami, Florida. Eilyn opts for a more minimal approach, whereas Ray is not afraid of colour and bold design.

Eilyn Jimenez is the founder of Sire Design, a team fronted by all Latina women based in Miami. So, as Designing Miami premieres this Wednesday, September 21, let’s get to know the Sire team better.

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Tuning into Designing Miami, you might be interested to know more about the players on Sire Design’s team. Here are all the team members and their roles at the design firm:

  • Eilyn Jimenez (32) – Founder & Creative Director
  • Valentina Leon (26) – Lead Interior Designer
  • Karina Perlaza (25) – Lead Interior Designer
  • Camila Milagros (28) – Junior Interior Designer
  • Andrea Ritter (28) – Architectural Drafter
  • Maria Gabriel Hernandez – Architectural Drafter

Valentina has been with Sire Design for over three years, Karina there for over two, and Andrea and Camila are more recent additions to the team.

Eilyn talks about having an all-female team

In the first episode of Designing Miami on Netflix, Eilyn Jimenez talked about her team at Sire Design. “Every single person who is a part of my team has played a huge role in where we are. Latinas have such a strong will to prove themselves,” Eilyn says in the episode.

“We’re smart women, we know what we want, and we know that we can do it all with a smile on our face,” Eilyn continues to say.

Meet the team on Instagram

With the Sire Design team featuring in a Netflix reality series, they’re only a few steps away from becoming reality stars in their own right. So, if you’re a fan of the team on Designing Miami and want to know more, you can follow them all on Instagram.

Check out their handles below or follow Sire Design on Instagram @siredesign.



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