SK and Raven first spoke on Love is Blind season 3, but there was one thing in the way: a pod. From the moment they began talking, there was an obvious connection, and Netflix fans are dying to know if they’re together now.

The third season was filmed back-to-back with season 2, meaning it’s been well over a year since the couples first proposed without ever meeting them in person, before walking down that red carpet and seeing each other for real.

Spoilers: The reunion confirmed that SK and Raven aren’t married unlike some other couples, but are still a couple today. Let’s see where the duo are now and find out what happened between them.

SK wears black outfit and head piece while kissing Raven in purple and black shimmer dress.
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SK and Raven are still together

SK and Raven confirmed on the Love is Blind season 3 reunion that they are dating, which was filmed two weeks ago. They walked up to each other and shared a hug and kiss, while Raven said: “Hi, baby.”

Although they had broken up, the two have rekindled their romance and are now together. Raven admitted they have hooked up after a brief separation, and joked that SK had been receiving flirty messages when the wedding aired.

The couple had found the prospect of a long-distance marriage challenging, as SK had committed to going back to study in California, while Raven lives in Dallas. Despite this, SK and Raven confirmed they are making it work.

What happened to Raven and SK?

SK proposed to Raven when they developed a bond in the Love is Blind pods, which led to several dates and shared memories. However, when Raven and SK were about to get married, he said no, and they decided to separate.

After Raven said ‘I do’ at the altar, SK did not exchange the same vows, and instead began walking away from their ceremony. Both Raven and his mother looked disappointed, but SK gave his reasoning and said:

Today Raven, we both know how we feel about each other, I love you. However we have a very unique and complex set of circumstances. I feel like today is not the best time for us to do this.

They shared a hug at the altar before Raven walked away from the ceremony. She admitted that she was upset with the outcome, while SK’s mother told the bride that she “loved her” in the bridal suite.

SK and Raven now – after not getting married

SK and Raven are in a relationship and sharing snippets of their time together on social media. She’s tried Nigerian food for the first time with him, asked fans what they’d like to see of them, and they’ve even done Pilates.

She called him the “best man I know” and said starting their bond there “changed my life forever.” Raven recalled their date on Love is Blind and wrote a loving message to him on Instagram:

The best date with the best person. These final days of the @loveisblindnetflix experiment were some of the best of my life. Celebrating our love with family, friends and the rest of the pod squad will be a memory I cherish forever. I can’t wait to talk about and share more of our story soon. Thank you forever and ever 🤍.

Both of them are smiling from ear-to-ear in their recent pictures, and fans are over the moon about their lasting romance. Viewers say the couple “won” the season even though they didn’t tie the knot.



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