Snowflake Mountain cast were in camp for as long as the average holiday abroad


Snowflake Mountain cast were in camp for as long as the average holiday abroad

New Netflix series Snowflake Mountain sees a group of ‘spoiled’ young people get a very rude awakening at a survival camp. They thought they were signing up for a party TV show, little did they know that their guardian had signed off on them living in the wilderness without running water or wi-fi!

Once they got over the absolute cheek of being set up by their family, the Snowflakes got to work on self-improvement and picked up some essential life skills on their camp experience. Viewers have watched the eight episodes since it dropped on June 22nd and many want to know how long they were there at Snowflake Mountain? So, let’s find out more…

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Where is the show filmed?

Unfortunately for anyone who thought that Snowflake Mountain was a real place, it’s not. The Snowflakes do go on a hike during the show but the place where the Netflix show was filmed was the Lake District in the UK.

The Lake District National Park is located in the North-West of England and provides a beautiful backdrop for the Netflix series.

The cast members have to forget about their pampered lives and take on the challenge of a back-to-basics existence in the National Park.

Snowflake Mountain: How long are they there?

While the campmates were enduring life without wifi and running water, it seemed as if their pain was going on for years, but as per Distractify, the contestants were only there for a couple of weeks.

One of the show’s contestants, Liam Brown said on his YouTube channel that filming for Snowflake Mountain took place in May and June of 2021.

Many viewers of the show have commented on how they didn’t think life in the survival camp looked too bad via Twitter.

Who won the Netflix show?

At the end of the eight episodes, it is Deandra Joseph who managed to win Snowflake Mountain and she bagged herself the $50,000 prize.

Although the other Snowflakes didn’t win, many took away some positives from the experience.

Speaking on This Morning, Liam and Rae said that they valued the camp experience and that there were many lessons learned from going on the show.



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