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snowflake mountain location


Snowflake Mountain filming locations include the 'wilderness' and a stately home

June 22nd saw the release of a brand new Netflix series which involves a group of young people enduring a wilderness survival retreat all in a bid to grow up and become adults. Snowflake Mountain removes all the home comforts and luxuries, stripping everything back to basics and teaching the ‘snowflakes’ life skills so that they can be independent.

Liam, Randy, Deandra, Devon and co are all given a rude awakening when they think they’ve packed their bags for a nice trip away but it turns out that they’re actually set to be without running water, wi-fi and been more basic requirements. In the Snowflake Mountain trailer, the cast can be seen saying that they’re “in the middle of nowhere” and felt like they were “on a pilgrimage“. So, let’s take a look at the show’s filming location.

Photo Credit: Pete Dadds

Where is Snowflake Mountain filmed?

Despite the Netflix show being called Snowflake Mountain, that’s actually just a made-up place.

The reality of Snowflake Mountain is a group of young people rocking up in England’s Lake District.

As per Distractify, the cast thought they were going on a party show called Living Your Best Life but it turned out they were set to have a wake-up call in an iconic British holiday destination, instead.

Snowflake Mountain’s filming locations

Snowflake Mountain was filmed at Lake District National Park. It was also filmed within the 5,000 acres of the Graythwaite Estate in the Lake District as per The Cinemaholic.

The Lake District is located in Cumbria which is in the North West of England.

Lake District National Park is rich in history and natural beauty as per the website. The National Park is home to a variety of wildlife and is described as a “self-contained mountain area whose narrow, radiating glaciated valleys, steep fells and slender lakes exhibit an extraordinary beauty and harmony.”

Netflix Snowflake Mountain location

What is Graythwaite Estate?

The Netflix show had some scenes filmed at Graythwaite Estate as per The Cinemaholic.

Graythwaite Estate is owned by the Sandys family and has existed since 1660. It’s a stately home which covers 5,000 acres of land.

Despite the Snowflake Mountain cast having a tough time in the Lake District, it was somewhere that historical writers found inspiration. Beatrix Potter and William Wordsworth are said to have spent time in the area as per the Graythwaite Estate website.

The estate is rich in literary history and it has been the place that the Sandys family call home for over 500 years.

Netflix Snowflake Mountain



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