Netflix reality show Snowflake Mountain saw ten youngsters attempt to survive in the wilderness in the hopes of learning how to stand on their own feet with no internet, home comforts or parents to look after them.

Labelled by fans as incredibly “inspiring and captivating”, the reality TV show has been a huge success and fans want to know what the cast are up to these days.

The Territory | Official Trailer | National Geographic

The Territory | Official Trailer | National Geographic
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Netflix Snowflake Mountain

Where is Olivia Lagaly now?

Olivia was the first to leave the challenge. In fact, she left before it had technically begun. Originally from Ohio, it seems she has managed to create a good life for herself despite her lack of survival experience.

Lagaly is now an entrepreneur, digital art freelancer, and client relationship manager for a mindset organisation. Aside from that, she recently relocated to Los Angeles, where she continues to maintain her endeavours while hosting a weekly Saturday Night Liv podcast.


Solomon was the only other contestant to walk out of the challenge but he certainly managed to leave a lasting impression on the other contestants – and the audience.

Concerning his standing, while it’s unclear whether the Virginia native’s mother still pays his rent or sends him $500 for weekly self-care expenses, we do know he lives in Los Angeles at the moment.

We also know Solomon serves as a religious mentor/coach these days.

Devon Smith

Devon was a fan favourite on the show and, since returning to NYC, she has managed to ease back into city life. She continues to have a good time partying with friends but has also reportedly set her mind on working hard, saving up, and will be soon renting an apartment.

Her new goals are to be “independent and open-minded as well as self-aware”.

Randy Wentworth

Former med-school student Randy wasn’t joking when he said on the show his dreams are to become a wrestler – he appears to be doing just that!

His stage name is The Boujee Brawler, and he has been working hard to establish himself as a wrestler as well as building a good social media presence.

Carl Lariviere

Despite giving up his career in basketball, the Los Angeles resident is undeniably leading a good life as a model – signed under the Verge Agency – as well as an aspiring actor.

He has already worked with high-profile brands such as Urban Outfitters and Hollister, making it clear his time in the entertainment industry is only just beginning.

Darriea Clark

Darriea has always been creative and unique and she has become a successful visual artist with her own (leased) studio. She is also a storyteller as evident by her latest project, an interactive workbook journal entitled Good Girl.

Clark is also a freelance creative director, a features writer, and an ambassador for Remake, a non-profit organisation fighting for fair pay for women in the clothing industry.

Rae Hume

Rae Hume won every heart to become a fan favourite on Snowflake Mountain due to her positivity and infectious personality.

Therefore, we are glad to report she’s still the same old Rae, just with more independence as well as responsibility, primarily as she seemingly divides her time between London and Rochester in Kent, England.

Liam Brown

During the show, Liam became a responsible male, an enthusiastic contender, and a team motivator, and he certainly had us rooting for him.

He has now managed to move into his own apartment as well as land his dream job in a global fashion retail company, In The Style.

Sunny Malik

Sunny went from almost quitting the wilderness-survival retreat in the first couple of days to truly enjoying it. He went on to finish runner-up thanks to his incredible perseverance and growth.

He has managed to keep this up, too, and has moved out of his childhood home. He is currently developing a podcast as well as a documentary, and is openly passionate about fighting injustice.

Deandra Joseph

Deandra’s journey was by far the most successful and she ended up bagging the $50,000 grand prize.

Therefore, the Brooklyn-based make-up artist has been using this money (as well as her savings from her day job as a middle school lunch lady) to establish her own beauty business. We can’t wait to see more!



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